It seems there will never be a shortage of new apps and features to try out with our smartphone products. Today is a new day, and so of course, we’ve got new apps to play around with.

This collection of new apps is brought to us by Google, as a part of something they are calling an “appsperiments” program. Google describes these applications as “usable and useful mobile photography experiences built on experimental technology.” These three new apps actually do perform tasks that are unlike apps we’ve seem before, however, how useful these apps actually are is debatable. With programs that “rely on object recognition, person segmentation, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies,” there is no denying that the apps will be fully functioning, adding a fresh twist to day to day iPhone photography.

Here is a bit about the new three google apps:


This one is only for android users, meaning most of us won’t have access to it just yet, but nonetheless is still an interesting concept. This application takes a video you’ve shot and pulls out 6 frames, then lays them out in a comic book style template. If you are unhappy with the automatic arrangement, you can refresh to reveal over 1.6 trillion different combinations…safe to say you will certainly find an order you are happy with.



This quirky-named app, for android and iOS, essentially functions as a black and white photo booth on your phone. The app’s purpose is to capture each pose you strike in front of the camera—you tap the screen to start the shoot and the application snaps a photo every time you change your pose, triggered by the stopping and starting of movements. You’ll come away with a collection of photos that look as fluid as a regular shoot.



The most interesting of the app released is Scrubbies, for iOS only, which lets you remix your videos in a DJ-like fashion. You can “scrub” the screen back and forth through a clip to create video loops, like a DJ scratching records at a club. How useful is this app? Probably not very useful at all—but you will certainly have fun in the process of playing around with it.