In case you haven’t heard, Hasselblad recently held a webinar that featured their X1D camera and served as an introductory course to this unique piece of equipment.

If you missed the first introductory webinar about the X1D—Hasselblad will be hosting a similar webinar, titled “X1D—A Great Camera and Great Buy”, on December 20th, where Hasselblad Field Sales Specialist, Eric Peterson, will discuss the X1D’s iconic design, as well as provide an introduction to this camera. The webinar will include a basic overview for those new to the system, as well as offer opportunities to have your questions answered by those most knowledgable about the product. If you are considering purchasing the X1D, this webinar is something you do not want to miss.

To give you a brief introduction to Hasselblad’s most innovative camera—it’s lightweight and compact, weighting less than half of a conventional MF camera. The X1D features 14 stop dynamic range, dual SD card slots, for more storage, HD video capture, high resolution rear touch screen display, and superior image quality!

Hasselblad’s X1D just recently received the highest score ever by DxO, which dubbed the model’s sensor as the “best commercially-available medium-format.”

Now, you have an opportunity to get familiar with this product, getting an up-close look at the basics of this innovative piece of technology. Whether you are considering purchasing the product, or want more information about its functionality, join Hasselblad in their webinar, and come away eager and excited to put an X1D into action.

Register for the webinar here.

Check out DxO’s full review of the X1D here.