With the holidays approaching, we are in dire need of a little prep and prime before the Thanksgiving stuffing and Christmas gifting. The year 2017 buzzed right by and it’s normal to be scrambling for gift ideas. Don’t fret though, there is still time to finish this year with a BANG. Here at Resource, we arranged an array of options to choose from, and without a doubt, this gift guide is going to morph you into Santa himself.

Our experts tried out each product for themselves, concluding they’re worthiness of gifting. Plus, we’ve diversified this guide, so there’s something in there for everyone, especially creators and professionals. You can either treat yo self  to some new gear, or stuff it in a stocking for a lucky friend or family member. Most of all, enjoy the holidays, and be grateful for the new products and New Year. 

The GNARBOX – $299.99 This incredible product will change the way you travel with your photos. The GNARBOX is a compact piece of technology that serves as a middleman between your camera and your phone. You simply insert your camera card into the device or plug it in with a USB3, micro SD or SD port, where you then upload up to 128GB of full resolution footage. You then connect your phone to the GNARBOX Wifi hotspot, and lastly, after getting the GNARBOX app, the photos will transfer to your phone so you can edit all of your photos, on-the-go, to share with friends and family. The battery life is great as well, with 4-6 hours on a single charge, meaning you won’t have to worry much when you are on the road. This product is the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel and take photos, but doesn’t want to lug around their computer to upload and edit photos. The compact, highly advanced GNARBOX allows for the least hassle, with easy, instant results. Polaroid’s Pop Camera – $199.99 If you are gifting a millennial, Polaroid’s Pop Camera, is guaranteed to be a hit. It’s as easy as sin to use, and even grandpa and grandma will be obsessed. The biggest difference from other Polaroids cameras we’ve seen in the past is that an instant digital that uses ZINK® Zero technology to print. Sure it sounds like it has the same mechanisms, but in reality it’s far different. First off, having to shake it like a polaroid picture is over, since Pop prints photos that are already developed. Secondly, your fear of wasting expensive film is no longer a thing, because Pop includes a touchscreen that gives you the option to view and or delete your snap before printing. Also, if you don’t care for the physical photo you can just download the Polaroid Pop’s app, then transfer them over to your phone through Bluetooth or Wifi. It gets better; you can now edit your image with different filters, plus add borders and emojis, also printing as many as your little heart desires. At first glance this product looks like a children’s toy especially with it’s colorful changeable shells and easy functions, but it works great for those instant tangible photos. Not to mention, there’s a selfie timer, i repeat a selfie time, making Pop the ultimate polaroid camera of this generation and a damn good gift for all. SIRUI Smartphone Lenses – $92 This compact collection of mini-lenses is the perfect gift for a photographer on-the-go. There is no gear required besides your smartphone and the lenses, but the photo quality will make you think you’ve taken it on a legit professional camera. The lenses are equipped with multi-layer, anti-reflection coatings, and offer the least amount of distortion with crisp image sharpness. There are three types of lenses for purchase: the 60mm Portrait, the 170 degree Fisheye, and the 18mm Wide Angle, in addition to a polarizing filter cap. The lenses simply clip onto your phone to cover the phone’s lens, adding the quality of professional equipment. For the highest quality experience with this product, you can also purchase an adapter that goes over the top of your phone so the pieces can clip on easily. With this unique set of smartphone lenses, you can get high-quality photos with the lightest, smallest equipment imaginable. The 3 lenses go for $92 USD each, the polarizing lens is $26 USD and the adapter is $13 USD. 

PRL Lighting Lusta 50 – $335-$399 The Lustra 50 is a unique piece of lighting equipment, in that it is incredibly compact but gives off a hell of a lot of light. This portable, high-output LED light is great for professionals and amateurs alike. As a worthy alternative to the use of strobes & flash, the product features a 12V power supply, full 100% dimming range, and a flicker-free experience thanks to the microprocessor. With the Lustra 50, photographers can ensure that they have optimal lighting, wherever and whenever. The Lustra 50 can be purchased with two additional accessories—the SofBox, which attaches to the front of the Lustra to give the photographer more control over the softness of the lighting, and a set of 3 filters that can be used to improve color rendition and the quality of your images. The Lusta 50 goes for $335, the Sofbox is $89, and the filter set is $40, however if you purchase them all together you get a great deal of $399.FUJIFILM Instax Share S-3 Kit – $124.95  If you’re looking for a gift that’ll wow an old-school photography lover, look no further. FUJIFILM’s newest release is the perfect, compact gift that goes beyond what we’ve seen with instant cameras in the past. While not a camera, this printer produces images all the same. The printer, that comes in black or white, connects to the compatible Instax Instant Cameras, allowing you to choose whatever photos you’d like. Even more, with the Instax Share App, you can choose photos from your camera roll, Instagram, and Facebook to display on these retro-style prints. With the app, you can add text, filters to enhance the color and contrast, or make collages to produce on one image. The Instax Share S-3 Printer is perfect for someone who loves that timeless feel of a tangible photo, but doesn’t want to lug around a camera to get the effect. With rapid printing that produces an image in 13 seconds, this product will knock the socks off of anyone who receives it. Not only does B&H sell it for 50 bucks cheaper than most sites, they include one free Fujifilm instax mini Airmail Instant Film (10 Exposures).

Olympus Tough TG-Tracker – $349.00 This gift is for all the outdoorsman and adventurers who like to take the road less traveled and don’t want to worry about banging up their posh, cumbersome DSLR. It is called the Olympus Tough TG-Tracker and it is as intense as it sounds. This small, compact action camera is shockproof to seven feet, waterproof to 30 meters, and is crushproof to 220 lbf. The special features include: a 60 lumen LED headlight, 90 degree tilt-out LCD monitor, ultra HD 4K video, and built in Wi-Fi. With TG-Trackers built in Wi-Fi, it allows you to share images and video you shot to your smartphone and other devices. There are endless ways to capture a moment with this device and the best part is, you do not have to be careful with it. Mount it on your bike, attach it to your helmet, or secure it to your snowboard. The Olympus Tough is made to handle abuse. Just by looking at this durable, pocket- sized camera will make you want to get outdoors and film an experience that will last forever. Simply put, this rugged camera has it all and it could be a gift of lifetime for $349.99.

Sigma 100-400mm F5-6.s3 Contemporary Lens for Canon EF  – $699 This compact and light as a feather lens is ideal for almost any situation or subject. The overall optical quality is showcased every which way you opt to shoot your subject or landscape through focal range. The lens is also dust and splash-proof, plus very sturdy with the perk of an incredible close-focusing technology that will be perfect for shooting all of natures small wonders, without having to get too close. Not to mention, when shooting fast-moving subjects, like animals or sports the lens’ optical stabilizer with make it perfectly clear, without you needing to do anything. Overall this lens is a must have for nature, sports, and other professional photographers out there. Atlas Packs – $385  You may have never heard of the company Atlas before, mainly because they’re fairly new, but from the quality and functions of their product you would think they’ve been in the game for decades. Their versatile Atlas Athlete is the ultimate outdoor photography backpack. This particular pack expands from a slender five inches to over twelve inches in depth, going from a day-to-day use pack to an all you will ever need on an overnight expedition. It’s adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps distributes the weight like a veteran mountaineering pack but specifically designed to meet the needs of photographers. The portion that holds the camera equipment together is called the ‘Origami Camera Core’. This core is made up of Velcro foam dividers that one can easily adjust and modify to make the most efficient camera storage. On the interior of the Camera Core is a sturdy foam that gives structure to the back of the pack while also being flexible enough for any camera gear to fit. Another unique feature is the ‘Instant Lens Belt’ that’s essentially an attached waist strap pouch used to hold a secondary lens. Lastly, the waist belt, shoulder harness, and aluminum frame can all be removed if you ever find yourself needing to stuff this pack in tight quarters. 

Evo SP-Pro Gen 2 Gimbal – $299 The Evo SP-Pro Gen 2 Gimbal is a smartphone stabilizer compatible with IPhone, Android, action cameras, and 360 cameras. If you are someone who loves to shoot video or vlog via smartphone, this particular device is just for you. Without the special Gimbal stabilizer, you will most likely get shaky and unnecessary movement throughout your video, which is obviously something we’d all like to avoid. The Evo SP-Pro Gen 2 will not only make your videos look steady and professional, but will also enhance panoramas, slow-motion video, and time lapses. One of the most unique features is that it gives you access to all camera settings on the handle without ever having to touch the screen. With 40% increase in motor speed and 35% increase in reaction speed, this new model blows their competition out of the water. Furthermore, the battery life is over 14 hours and has built in smartphone charging capabilities. This new gimbal from Evo raised the bar once again, and you’d get plenty of brownie points when gifting it. Luminar 2018 – $69 The new Luminar 2018 photo editing system by, Skylum Software, improves and enhances photos in little to no time. It is the equivalent to Lightroom on steroids combined with the layering capability of Photoshop. This is the perfect software for professional landscape photographers, to weekend shooters who just invested in their very first professional camera. Not only does Luminar significantly increase the quality of one’s images, but it also makes organizing albums effortless. Furthermore, there are three new intelligent filters (adding to the 37 original filters) built into this software that helps create awe-inspiring photos: lut mapping, sun rays, and a matte filter. These ‘Artificial Intelligent’ filters are created by professional photographers and are intended to save you the time on editing, which something we are always in the market for. Luminar 2018’s price of $69 is a heaven-sent compared to Lightroom’s $144.99 and Photoshop’s staggering $149.99. It is simple, easy to use, and inexpensive, so what more can a creative need? This should be a no-brainer for all photographers who want optimize their time and work while editing.Lensbaby Velvet 85 – $499.95 The new focal length option from Lensbaby is the perfect addition to any professional’s gear collection. The name Velvet 85, comes from the soft and velvety effect it showcases on the image, which combines lustrous skin tones with added compression to achieve a gorgeous overall soft glow. It doesn’t all have to be soft and buttery though, by using darker apertures your images will can turn out crisp and sharp if need be. While not only is the look of the shot smooth, but the physical feel of the actual lens is too, truly earning it’s ‘velvet’ name. This product is versatile, giving you the ability to easily tilt the lens in any direction, so you can capture the angle you want with minimal effort. They have different Velvet 85’s to fit different camera brands, so make sure to purchase the one that’s right for you. Furthermore, this compact, stunning lens captures out this world images and is sure to be a home run when gifted and received. Think Tank Signature 10 – $249.75 The Signature 10 from Think Tank is maybe the most modern, fashionable shoulder strap camera bag out there. This particular style is lined with high-end leather and wool-like water resistant fabric making it soft, stylish, and weather-proof. The signature 10 model is smaller than the other signature series (Signature 30) and comes in two different colors: dusty olive and slate gray. When opening up the main flap, the bag has a zippered cover on the top which provides full enclosure to the main compartment and gives it a more overall protection. The interior of the bag is comprised of quilted, high-density closed cell foam dividers made to fit a mirror-less or DSLR camera along with room for three to four lenses. The dividers are also lined with Velcro, so the interior can be customized. In addition, it has a dedicated pocket for a 10-inch tablet and another pocket designed for a smart phone. The detail and charm of the Signature 10 with all of its accessories make it one of the most sought after shoulder strap luxury bags out there today, so why not wrap it up and throw a bow on it? 

Canon EOS 6D Mark II – $2,099 This could be a top notch gift for any professional photographer, who shoots a wide range of different environments and subjects. Don’t let the small frame fool ya, this DSLR is certainly a full-framed performer as they claim with a 26.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC 7 Image Processor. Also featured is a 45-point all-cross type AF system, which is certainly a one-up from it’s predecessor giving you the opportunity to track your subject with accuracy. Another revamped spec is the Full HD at 60p, that provides an improved focus for live viewing and videoing compared to the older Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. It doesn’t stop there though, the camera is now dust and water proof, with a built in GPS for geo-tagging, also including a wifi and bluetooth connector for your smartphone. Basically you get all you need in this one camera, and if you plan on gifting it, don’t worry about the gift receipt, they surely won’t need it.Canon PIXMA TS9120 – $149.99 New to the printer market, is the fashionable PIXMA TS9120 wireless inkjet printer from Canon that comes in 3 different colors. It’s an all-in-one touchscreen home printer which means that it does everything you need a printer to do: copy, scan, and print. Features include phone connect media card support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and is OS compatible. The photo quality that this canon can produce is impeccable and all thanks to a 6-Color individual ink system with a photo blue ink. This system drastically reduces graininess and creates crystal-clear pictures. One of the best aspects about the Pixma TS9120 is that it has built in creative filters which add originality to the overall printing experience. Lastly, in this day in age, we all need to be conveniently connected. Wherever we are or whichever device we are on, we are able to print on the new Canon printer through Bluetooth and Cloud3 capabilities. For $149.99, there’s not another printer out there that beats the multi-faceted Pixma TS9120 from Canon.

Canon Powershot G1X Mark II Digital Camera -$649.00  The advanced and new-to-the-game Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II is the whole enchilada, when compared to other digital cameras. It may be small and compact but it sure packs a punch. With upgraded features including: 5x wide-angle optical zoom lens with optical image stabilizer, DIGIC 6 image processor, and 1.5-inch 12.8 megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor, this camera is closing the gap between digital cameras and DSLRs. Not to mention, the 9 blade aperture feature that will help you take stunning photos with the professional blurred background look. Okay, so it can take great photos, but can it take solid videos? If you guess yes, you guessed right. On top of it all, it can be shot at 1080 HD. This new PowerShot also has a pop-up extended flash and capacitive 3.0-inch tilt-type touch panel LCD. What’s not to love about this camera? The price is $649.00 and will quite possibly be the best first investment for your start-up photography career.

Palette Surface Kit $299 – The Palette Surface is hands-down the most innovative photography accessory of 2017; those dreaded long nights of editing hundreds of photos just got much more interesting. Instead of using your computer mouse to control all aspects of incremental editing changes, you can now personalize your controller with buttons, dials, and sliders. There are also four different Palette Surface kits you can buy: starter, expert, or professional. The starter kit comes with two buttons, one dial, and one slider while the expert kit comes with two buttons, three dials, and two sliders. The professional kit includes four buttons, six dials, and four sliders. This palette controller will eliminate your cursor cramps and will allow you to make micro adjustments all the while keeping your eyes on the photo. The board is USB powered and the modules can be configured however you like by magnetically snapping them together. The expert kit (most popular) has a price of $299 and will forever change the way you edit on a computer. After many photographers caught on to the buzz, the Palette Surface went from a luxury accessory to a must-have editing product for turning ‘average’ photos into impressive, commercial quality


UpkeepYoga Portable LED Studio Photo Box – $119.95 An instant, portable photo studio specifically designed for social media, e-commerce, and retail photographers. Easy to assemble and equally as easy to store making this small, foldable studio a breeze to work with. In just three simple steps, one can have this instant studio properly constructed and deconstructed. At the top of the box, there is a bright LED strip that projects professional grade lighting to the subject being photographed, enhancing clarity and quality to every image. Whether you are shooting small objects like watches or larger objects like purses, there are different sizes for your needs. In addition, you can customize the background color to your liking and set this miniature photo studio anywhere in your house or office. This tiny swagged out studio cube, would make a great gift for the photographer on-the-go, the food blogger, or the dude who is always make-shifting studios. 

Ricoh THETA V 360 4K Spherical VR Camera – $429.95

Want to give someone the chance to shoot everything in 360 degrees? Well, then gift them the THETA V camera. Just by pointing this compact, super light-weight camera in one direction you are able to shoot and record all surrounding angles in 4K. With a built-in 4-channel, the camera is sure to capture audio in all directions. For your convenience, the spherical images and videos are stitched together automatically before uploading. If you do many live feeds the THETA V gives the viewer the advantage to literally immerse themselves in the content’s moment. You can automatically upload all your footage and photos onto your smartphone through the THETA iOS/Android app. The battery gets you as far as being able to shoot 300 photos and 80 minutes of video, so if you’re taking it on a hike you’re good to go. This gift is great for all, so get it and wait for those sweet reactions. Manfrotto BeFree Compact Travel Aluminum Alloy Tripod – $154.76 The new BeFree Compact Travel Tripod by Manfrotto is a durable, upscale tripod that is most certainly a cult favorite. Every year, Manfrotto out does itself by creating a more advanced product than the previous year. It’s Manfrotto’s constant ingenious vision that consistently puts them at the forefront of selling and producing photography gear. Their newest tripod, the BeFree Tripod, extends to 56.7” inches, collapses to 15.75” inches, and supports 8.8 lbs of weight. The material consists of aluminum alloy and and has an overall weight of 3lbs, which is extremely light compared to other tripods on the market. It comes with a ball head which lets you fine-tune and micro adjust your camera to get the exact angle you desire. It essentially acts like a ball in socket joint, increasing the range of motion by tenfold. The new BeFree tripod would be an outstanding gift for professional commercial and avid travel photographers.

Happy Holidays!

Xoxo, Resource