This new A.I innovation allows for unsupervised image-to-image translation that will strive to enable you to change the weather, time of day, and season of your photos with the click of a button. Scientists of NVIDIA are working on this new artificial intelligence system that will make this a simple process, changing the world of photography greatly.

In an extensive document called “Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation Networks,” this process is laid out in details that are rather complex. The scientists explain that they will train the AI to use before and after images to enable the system to recognize specific elements of a photo and use this to change around basic features like the light in the sky or snow on the ground.

Though innovative, this process is rather difficult because it involves capturing near perfect before and after images in high quality in order for the AI to successfully hone this skill.

The scientists have begun testing their method, using a series of image translations to show us the changes we may be able to make to photos in the future.

Check out some of their examples:


Snowy to Sunny

Sunny to Snowy

Sunny to Rainy

Day to Night

“We presented a general framework for unsupervised image-to-image translation,” the scientists share. “We showed it learned to translate an image from one domain to another without any corresponding images in two domains in the training dataset.”

More information is available on the NVIDIA website or by reading the paper article.