In the digital era we live in, it’s key to not let the beauty of print completely fade into the abyss. Those tangible soft to-the-touch pages and that newly pressed smell of a book is something you just can’t get from the internet. There’s no need to rely on your computer all the time for stimulation anyhow, when there’s so many amazing books out there for you to grab from a shelf and indulge in. For the sake of the dying art that is print, we concocted a list of books that will fill your head space and book shelf with nothing but pleasure and knowledge.Focus: Found Faces: Your World, Your Images – Probably the most funky and unique photography book out there. ‘Found Faces’, celebrates a plethora of unusual things and places that have resembling features that make up a face. A whopping ninety photographers, from 26 different countries contributed to this book of wonders, and the next to shoot the subject should be, you. The idea of capturing faces in almost any nature or industrial setting is great motivation to get you out and shooting, so get a hold of this book and turn to it anytime you feel the creative block creeping up on you.

Understanding Exposure By: Bryan Peterson – A cult favorite, due to it’s highly informative array of tips and included pictures on the realm of exposure, composition, depth of field, aperture, and more. These subjects can be quite confusing, but Peterson makes them fool-proof to read and understand for all, hence his straight to the point title. ‘Understanding Exposure’, has four editions to choose from and honestly, Resource and amazon’s best-seller list recommend all.  Film Is Not Dead By: Jonathan Canlas – This book aims to educate a digital photographer on the depths and beauty of film, and why it’s still alive and well, though coined “a dying art”. The book covers the whole nine yards of film including: the basics, the gear, and the switch over from digital. Overall, this book can inspire you to re-invent your portfolio, while picking up a whole new but old world of photography.Photography: The Definitive Visual History By: Tom Ang – This book is geared towards readers who are truly interested in observing the many early and iconic photographers out there, that basically molded the history of photography today. The stunning and infamous images featured, and the description of the art behind it, is written all over these pages, and something that can be appreciated and adored by anyone in the field.

Humans Of New York By: Brandon Stanton – A must have on any coffee table, for more reasons than one. This book is filled with so many unique and diverse portraits of the many faces that populate New York City. With each portrait comes a little quote from the person behind the image, making it a very interactive read. Humans Of New York is raw, honest, and true to the nature of portrait photography, so do yourself a favor and grab it ASAP.

Pro Secrets To Dramatic Digital Photos By: Jim Zuckerman – Lucky for us, renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, created a book filled with heaps of professional techniques that help make up those crazy vivid images of his. He shares the secrets behind all creative tools we seem to overlook, including: properly panning the camera, creating a complimentary color scheme, and much more. Any upcoming photographer is able to get some vital experience out of just reading this book, so it’s a must. 

Photographers A-Z By: Hans-Michael Koetzle – If you’d rather have a little taste of the many different well-known photographers out there, then, ‘Photographers A-Z’ is the perfect read for you. Included in alphabetic order, is every major photographer and their most influential work from the 20th century.

Mastering Landscape Photography By: David Taylor – Everything you need to know and understand behind landscape photography is in this book. Tips on the perfect gear, location, and some good advice on preparation for certain weather and terrains are all explained in detail. Not to mention, with all the knowledge being shed on photographing the natural world, Taylor makes it a point to teach his lessons with mother nature’s best interest in mind.

We hope you start to turn to print more often, especially with this list in mind. The power of a book in your hands is endless, and we should preserve the beauty of it, even in such a fast-growing technological world.