What’s better than ringing in the New Year with some practical resolutions to boost your creativity and passions? We as creators, are always in search of the newest ways to up our game, and with 2018 finally in place, it’s time to trash those procrastination excuses and start getting down to the nitty gritty.

While we know changes and New Year promises can be scary and most definitely hard to get in motion, especially after the holidays, Resource would never leave you out of options. So, in honor of the “New Year, New You” we threw together some tips and techniques essential to your 2018 creative growth. 

Broaden Your Horizons – First off, who ever said the New Year is only about making changes? New year, new you, new things. Going down the many different photography paths may just resurface those dreams that you’ve lost motivation for. In other words, if your photography pursuits have only been digital, try film on for size, or if you only shoot still, try motion. Why just shoot portraits and landscapes, if you can also shoot your favorite foods and animals? There’s never a reason in the first place to limit the depth of your craft anyhow. Not to mention, when your range grows, your experience and clientele will grow with it.

Make Room To Grow – Defunk that desktop and make space for more new and improved content. Clearing your desktop will clear your mind. Besides, nothing’s better than working on a clean slate. Plus, more space equals less lagging and a faster workflow. With a constant stream of content flowing into your computer system, you’re going to want a smooth and reliable way to backup all your hard work. Consider investing in a new hard drive, cloud storage, or whatever you need to do to ensure that your work is here to stay (for at least another year). 

Revamp Your Website – Nothing is more frustrating for clients and/or future employers than a website that looks like it hasn’t been touched since 2007. It’s crucial, especially as a creative professional to be active and updated since your latest project. Make time and add those landscape shots you took in Uruguay over the summer, or the portraits you did in your studio last week, because with 2018 here we’re gettin’ er done.

Stop Doubting Your Abilities – Sure you see plenty of fresh-faced photographers out there catching their big breaks, and sure it can be discouraging. You worked hard, long, and have sacrificed a lot along the way only to see no results. This might make you wonder if you should be putting in applications to Starbucks instead of updating your portfolio. Be proud of what you’ve done already and be fulfilled in your work for the creativity, time, and energy you put into it. Passion should drive you, not validation from others, because unfortunately as most businesses do, it takes time to build. Believe in yourself. 

Don’t Rely On Photoshop – Photoshop editing has become so extreme that sometimes the photo doesn’t match the landscape or portrait being shot. The subject becomes unrecognizable and the bona fide beauty gets lost within a matter of touchpad and mouse clicks. We’re not saying cut out your editing completely, we just want to compel you to make the most of the shot in the moment and not settle for “I’ll just fix it late in photoshop”. This year, try challenging yourself to capture as much in camera as possible. Collaborate – You’re in need of new projects, but lack the funds, equipment, or even brain space to get them kickstarted. No need to fret though, there is a simple solution to this dilemma: simply combine your creativity and expertise with another creator who’s in the same predicament. This is the perfect way to fulfill those overwhelming goals you set for the New Year. We all get by with a little help from our friends, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Besides, if you collaborate with someone who can work and share ideas with, you obtain 1.) a great in connection and 2.) hope for future projects and endeavors.

Invest In New Equipment – You pulled in a couple last minute pre-holiday jobs, grandma just gave you a sweet gift card to Best Buy, only thing left to do is make it rain. Okay, so we’re not encouraging you to be reckless with this new found Christmas gold mine, but hey if you’re in need of some new gear to make your photography business/passion stronger so be it! This tip will also help you when trying to broaden your horizon and test out those new fields of photography.

Stay True – Although most would recommend only change in the new year, when it comes to the authenticity of you and your work, we suggest to keep it the same. In most cases, a spark of ambition and desire is what got you into photography in the first place, so why let that fade out? Don’t let the money change you or push you to sell out, unless it’s financially necessary. You may regret letting others dictate your love for photography and creating for their own selfish reasons anyhow, and nothing is worse than living in regret. Keep it real and genuine, say no if necessary and remember why you started this pursuit in the first place.

Now that you have plenty of New Year resolutions to think over, enjoy the new beginnings and keep on keeping on!

With love,

Resource Magazine