2017 has come to an end and we are ready to launch head first into the new year. Although 2018 is sure to bring even more news for us to report at Resource Magazine, 2017 was filled with great stories we were excited to share. As a tribute to the end of another year, here are our top 10 posts of 2017:

1. Candice Pool Neistat’s Guide To Surviving Life With A Vlogger

Resource took you behind the scenes with Candice Pool Neistat, where she discussed being married to vlogging powerhouse Casey Neistat. She discussed her personal endeavors and experiences like owning two jewelry design companies, managing her relationship with a successful vlogger, and maintaining their Manhattan apartment.

2. The Best Photography Blogs You Should Be Reading In 2017

We compiled a list of the greatest blogs focusing on photography that you should be reading this year—the likes of Fstoppers, DP Review, and PetaPixels—in the hopes of keeping you well-informed on the photography industry.

3. 30 YouTube Channels Every Photographer Should Follow in 2017

Another list compilation, this time giving you a number of YouTube channels to follow, as the YouTube community is rich with vloggers trying and reviewing products so that you don’t have to. The list includes accounts like K1 Productions, Mike Browne, and Manny Ortiz.

4. 34 Ways To Enrage A Photographer With One Sentence

This list includes 34 sentences that are sure to anger any professional photographer—some good ones include “I can take a photo like that with my phone”, “Oh, so your photos are edited?”, and “Gear doesn’t matter”.

5. 31 Inspiring Photography Documentaries Every Photographer Must Watch

In the spirit of compiling lists for your benefit, this list is complete with the best documentaries for photographers who need a dose of inspiration. Some of the documentaries include Arctic Swell- Surfing The Ends of the Earth (Chris Burkard), Climbing Ice-The Iceland Trifecta (Tim Kemple) and Tales by Light, a Netflix Documentary Series.

6. My Quest To Install iMessage On My Windows 10 Laptop

Here Resource provided step by step directions to install iMessage on a Windows 10 laptop—not an easy feat. The task was rather difficult and required a detailed description of steps, but we did the work so that you didn’t have to.

7. Videos Of A Moab Explosion, The US Military’s Most Powerful Non Nuclear Bomb

With this post, we showed you the insane footage of a MOAB (mother of all bombs) bomb explosion targeted for an ISIS tunnel.

8. How Porn Stars Use Social Media To Elevate Their Brands (NSFW)

This post brought us behind the scenes with some of the most successful porn stars, in order to find out how they built a social media following and how this affects their image. We interviewed the likes of Tanya Tate and Briana Banks to see how they managed such a successful platform, as well as what its done for their brand.

9. 16 Podcasts Photographers Should Follow In 2017

This list brought you the greatest photography podcasts to keep you up-to-date on the happenings of the photography industry. Notable podcasts include This Week in Photo, The Candid Frame, and Tips From the Top Floor.

10. Casey Neistat’s ‘Beme News’ Preview Is Exciting As Hell, Just Stop Calling It ‘Vice’

We covered Casey Neistat’s video revealing his collaboration with CNN. Neistat introduces a rebranded and reorganized incarnation of his digital tech company, Beme, although what exactly this company will produce was unclear. He discusses “beme news” and ensures viewers it will not be the “Casey Show” like his YouTube channel.


So there you have it—our top 10 posts of 2017. We look forward to an even more exciting year of post in 2018!