Much like friendly foe Apple, Panasonic is now dropping slightly modified versions of older products and adding an “s” to their name. The latest example is the release of the DMC-GH5s, a mirrorless camera made to appeal to professional videographers.

“Designed and developed for professional filmmakers, the LUMIX GH5S achieves highest-ever image sensitivity and video image quality in the history of LUMIX cameras, especially in low-light situations.” -Panasonic Press Release

The GH5s isn’t really an upgrade to the GH5 so much as a modification aimed at making it more video-specific. While its low-light performance has been improved, offering up to ISO 51200 with “minimal noise,” it has lost the in-body stabilization found on the GH5.

Other notable changes include a halving of the 20.2 MP sensor to a “dual ISO” 10.2 MP one, as well as an upping of recording capabilities to Cinema 4K at 30 or 60 fps, the first of its kind for a mirrorless body.

“…for serious and professional videographers…there’s very good reason to be excited by Panasonic’s latest G-series release.” -Michael Topham, TrustedReviews

Further cementing itself as a videographer’s favorite toy, the GH5s comes preloaded with V-LogL software for color grading. Image stabilization, meanwhile, is left by the wayside as Panasonic makes it clear this device is for the professional videographer who can be assumed to have an external stabilizing rig. Interestingly, some concessions to still image production were made as the capability of shooting 14-bit RAW at up to 10 fps was added.

As for its critical reception, reviewers seem on the whole pretty excited. DPReview writes: “…while the GH5s doesn’t overthrow the laws of physics by outperforming the a7S II…it’s fair to say we’re very, very impressed.” Others, such as Michael Topham at TrustedReviews, offer praise but acknowledge its’ niche market: while “anyone who shoots stills…is likely to give [it] a wide berth…,” videographers have “very good reason to be excited.”


Images Courtesy Panasonic