Finally, 2018. It’s a new year meaning the time for new resolutions and aspirations for the coming 12 months. There isn’t a better time than now to fully immerse yourself in a craft, dedicating this new year to progress and tenacity.

Photographer Dale Foshe understands the opportunity a new year serves for those wishing to hone their craft. Starting in 2015, Foshe has complied a list of 52 challenges for the upcoming year—one for each week, the new challenge starting each Monday. Now, the 2018 edition will focus on challenges that are meant to target 5 difference areas: Vision, Composition, Technical, Creative, and Wild Card.

The vision category is meant to help photographers strengthen their sight, and will allow photographers to better show others what they see in their heads. The composition category will aim to develop a photographer’s ability to arrange a scene within a frame. The technical category will focus on the in-camera process, helping photographers to perfect their craft. The creative category will gives photographers room to express themselves, with the assignments up to literal and figurative interpretation. Finally, the wild card category is where photographers will have the freedom to shoot whatever they would like, giving them complete control in using their newly developed skills.

You can download the PDF for the 2018 challenges here.

Each Monday of the year, the new challenge will go live. Photographers can then take their photo, and once they have done so they can join that challenge’s Facebook group where they can see other people’s work and have their’s shown. By the end of the year, photographers will not only have an exponentially more developed set of skills, they will also have a collection of photos to show for their hard work.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen your craft or dive deeper into the world of photography, this is definitely the challenge for you.