So Kendall has shot a couple covers for magazines, but to call her a professional photographer seems like a stretch. Let’s understand why she got the privilege to shoot these covers in the first place, because it was certainly not from sheer luck.

Just because you picked up a film camera at one point in your fabulous rich life that was handed to you by your hotter older sister on the basis of her leaked sex tape with a famous R&B singer doesn’t by any means qualify you as a pro.

To start off, thinking deeply into this title, the work and sweat that goes into obtaining it does not warrant such handouts like Kendall has received. A young rich model shouldn’t be taking credit for a job that most people spend their whole lives trying to obtain. To minimize such a craft down to being an art and profession that everyone can and will thrive in is a mockery to it, in my opinion. Truthfully, that’s just not the case and to be frank, she wouldn’t have gotten any of those high-profile job opportunities to shoot for the likes of Love Magazine without her name having anything to do with it.

Sure many claim that because she’s a model, she would know what goes into the production of shoots, but let’s be real – she more than likely just shows up and smiles. Kendall became a model in the first place because of the household name that is “Kardashian”, and to assume she is doing more than standing there and posing is way too hopeful.

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The picture of Kylie she did for the cover of Love Magazine proves some major key points. One being that Kylie’s recent social media hiatus has made her a topic of convo and someone very sought out to photograph and feature, so it’s obvious that Kendall, being her sister, had been the only real person for the job. So was Kendall just being buttered up with titles like “professional photographer” in order to get a picture of Kylie? Or did some delusion wipe over people to actually believe such a thing?

Being rich doesn’t make you a professional at just about anything you want to try out; hard work, your own built up clientele list and a portfolio made from scratch, does. All things considered, this type of recognition and opportunity is only taking away from the hardworking individuals who have built their life around getting the kind of photography gigs that Kendall gets by just being Kendall. Sorry girl, but holding a camera seems more like a trend for you, not a profession – so let’s keep it that way.

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