If you are familiar with the photography vlogging community on YouTube, you have probably heard of Kaiman Wong, or “Kai W“.

Best known for his photography reviews and tips, Kai has had a year full of product test-drives, events, and personal experiences, all of which he shares for his subscribers. As the year of 2017 comes to a close, Kai has complied a video full of the best moments this past year had to offer. After 12 months of traveling and trying out all that the photography industry had to offer in 2017, here is Kai’s best of 2017:


Kai started out the year with a Leica M10 Hands On event, where he tried out some Leica gear and got to test-drive the new M10 camera. He notes that though the m10 is not a huge step up from Leica’s last camera, it is “right in so many other ways”. Kai also participated in a DJI Shoot for a Mavic Ad.



This month brought Kai on a trip to New York City, where he met up with Sarah Dietschy and explored the city of Manhattan. He was able to meet up with B&H, where he flew over the city in a helicopter to practice some aerial photography. Kati also traveled to Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress



This month Kai took a Huawei//Leica Master Class in Barcelona where he mentions learning the “biggest, most humbling lesson”—the meaning of the word “boke”. According to his teacher, “boke” is the word for the blurry, out-of-focus elements of a photo. Kai also got to try out the YI M1 Mirrorless Camera, which he disliked so much that he gave it away. That didn’t stop YI from sending him another product to review: the YI 360 VR Camera. Kai reviews this product alongside the Insta 360 ONE and the GoPro Fusion. 



This month Kai collaborated with Nat Geo Wild, and got to try out Sony’s a9 camera.



Not much happened for Kai in May, he doesn’t mention anything but does show a clip from a race car photoshoot.



In these two months Kai attended Canon’s 30th year celebration event in London, where he was also able to try out the new 1DX Mk II camera.


This month Kai attended Nikon’s Hands On Preview for their 100th anniversary, where he took a try with the Nikon d850.



This month Kai notes the released of Sony’s a7 Mirrorless Camera.



This month Kai tries out a couple of Chinese lenses, after which he marvels over the quality of these products.



This month Kai got to participate in a Fujifilm GFX 50s Hands On Field Test, where he took the product for a spin over some mountains.



Finally, in the month of December Kai tried out Hasselblad’s X1D 50 MP Medium Format Mirrorless Camera, which allowed Kai to “get back to his roots” and shoot some landscape photography on the beach.


Throughout the year of 2017, Kai has made 53 videos, which is approximately 1 video per week. Kai vows to post bigger and better things in the year of 2018, so that his next year in review is stacked even higher with reviews, tips, and awesome experiences.

Check out Kai’s full video here: