Getting hitched can be filled with plenty of magical moments and unintended screw-ups. One thing you may not be prepared for  in the process of planning your wedding: getting body-shamed by the photographer you hired to capture you and your partner’s special day.

Katie Liepold and her future husband dished out a pretty penny to hire wedding photographer Linda Silvestri, $600 to be exact. Included in their paid package deal for on-sight wedding photos was the option to have their engagement photos taken as well. Though the couple didn’t plan on taking any engagement photos, they thought it couldn’t hurt. Plot twist: it did hurt.

Not only did the bride-to-be notice the outcome of the photos had been blurry and weird angled, but some had even been extremely altered in photoshop. Liepold claimed that Silvestri actually Photoshopped her and fiancé to look 30lbs skinnier, and the side by sides provided proof.

What possibly could have been going through the photographer’s head while editing these photos? Did she think that assuming the couple was unhappy with their weight was the right protocol? Or did she just go ahead and adjust it to her preference, even though it wasn’t even her wedding? Regardless, whatever excuse Silvestri had to justify Photoshopping the hell out of these photos is twisted and irrational.

What seems to be an obviously happy and confident couple

It gets worse. The couple stumbled upon a post Silvestri had shared on the Northeast Ohio Wedding Professionals Only Facebook page, and it was downright cruel. “Professionals only” my ass.

The post started with Silvestri writing: “…and people have wondered why I have scaled back my photography business.” Though I doubt anyone wondered that, it seemed to be the start of an informative post for her clientele. Instead, it was just another way to bash this poor couple and expose her fatphobia. She continued, “last week I did an engagement session for a morbidly obese couple,” stating the obvious that the bride-to-be “was annoyed that I gave her a ‘chin tuck’.”

To maintain her reputation and not further tarnish what was left of it, Silvestri apologized to the distraught couple and refunded them their money, minus the $150 dollar deposit. This by no means makes what she did right, morally or ethically. Photographers shouldn’t go into portrait or wedding photography if they are clearly discriminative of a person’s physique. To Photoshop someone to look completely different then who they naturally are is a slap in the face and totally unprofessional. Body-shaming is emotionally straining for those victim of it, and paying $600 dollars to bear the brunt of it right before your wedding is beyond f’d up.