Picture this: It’s the weekend, you finally have time to relax, sleep in, and – most importantly- exercise your creative ambitions.  Around noon you finally roll out of bed, pull out your creative tools, and set out to start becoming the next best photographer/artist/screenwriter there is.  You’ve got this!  You know that you are the next great thing, you just have to be discovered.

But there’s one problem.  Everywhere you go, there is not a single space that is just right for you to work on your art.  Outside of your window, the construction is too loud.  Your roommates are taking up the living room, even though you told them it was your creative space on the weekends.  And that coffee shop that you sometimes go to is inconveniently full.

We’ve all experienced this feeling, where the world seems to be putting up all of the obstacles it can to keep us from creating.  It’s frustrating! Why can’t you just have a place where you feel serene and inspired?  Well never fear, you aspiring artistic soul.  Here are some tips and tricks on finding a space for you.

1.) Space Savers are Key

organized, desk, pens

If you live in a tiny space, and can’t afford to rent a studio to fulfill your artistic ambitions, it is important to take advantage of the tiny space that you have.  Invest in storage bins that you can store under your bed and in your closet.  Organize them so that you only need one bin at a time, so you can utilize the rest of your floor/empty desk space to stretch out and relax as you work.

2.) Find Music that Inspires You

Music, vinyl, headphones

Whether you’re using old-school vinyl or listening through your Premium Spotify account, it’s always important to have music playing that inspires a sort of mood.  Some people work best to classical, while others feed off the energy of hard rock.  Whatever feeds your good-mood-vibes, hit the play button and let the music make your space feel more inspiring.

3.) Be Real With Your Roommates

picture, mirror, alone

As mentioned before, roommates can be a real pain in the ass when you’re trying to reach your inner-muse.  Don’t be rude to them (after all, they’re paying half the rent) but do let them know that this is important to you, and ask if you can have a couple hours of silence on the weekend to truly focus.

4.) Go on a Walk

Camera, street, photo

If your apartment is out of the question as far as artistic endeavors go, explore the neighborhood.  Find a place that inspires you and sit down to jot down ideas.  Even if you can’t get your work done in this environment, it will be enough to stimulate your brain and get you thinking about what you want to do and how you’ll achieve it.

5.) Wake Up Early

morning, sun, plant, window

I know, I know.  Don’t hate me.  But remember that if you have a few hours in the morning to yourself, you will have more time to work (or at least think about working) on your project.  Plus, doesn’t it make you feel good when you wake up and restaurants are still serving breakfast?

6.) Take a Day to Take Away the Clutter

paintbrushes, supplies, clutterYou know that you have a ton of old artistic projects and equipment stuffed in corners around your room.  I know that it inspires you, but it may just be holding you back in the time of projects-once-completed.  Save yourself from the anxiety of clutter and find these projects a new home – give them to your Mom or sell them to someone who appreciates your creative talents.

7.) Clear Your Mind

Mug, carpe diem, coffee

The most important part of the process when doing anything creative is having a mind that is open and willing to take on the obstacles that you run into throughout the day.  Take a few minutes to let yourself breathe when you wake up.  Maybe do some yoga, or drink your coffee without going on your phone.  Relax, and the rest of the day will feel easier, even if the rest of the world is trying to obstruct your creative flow.

Feature Photo by Alex Plesovskich on Unsplash