Andrea David is combining travel and film to create a whole new type of travel blog. She prints pictures of scenes from famous movies or television shows, travels to their real world location, and positions the snapshot perfectly into the setting. If you’re confused by that explanation, the pictures will help:


David, who is from Germany, wrote her thesis on the “influence of cinema on tourist habits” while studying tourism management in Munich. On research trips, she would travel to a film’s location with a printed snapshot in hand to make it easier to ask locals where the scene was filmed. She eventually came up with the idea to take a photograph of the photograph, blending the image with the real background.


Since then, over the course of 12 years, her idea has brought her all over the world.

How do they fit together, the film and the real? Ask her blog :

One skillfully plays with illusions, the other promises real experiences.  But both sell us dreams and there connection lures movie tourist to various locations.


However you want to theorize the connection between movies and travel and what is attractive about both, it seems people are definitely into it. She has a popular travel blog (where you can find this stuff, as well as other, travel related post) and well as a rapidly growing Instagram following of 86K.

Images Courtesy Andrea David’s Instagram & Blog

Cover Photo by Dorian Mongel