If you run a photography business, or even if you just deal with people in the photography industry in any professional sense, let me introduce you to The Law Tog.

Run by Rachel Brenke—a photographer, MBA and lawyer—The Law Tog is dedicated to providing photographers with the necessary tools they need to maintain their business and ensure they don’t run into legal troubles while dealing with professional affairs. The site’s homepage boasts that it’s “The industry’s only legal go-to resource to help photographers protect and defend their business,” and it seems they’ve come up with quite a number of features to cater to a photographer’s every legal need.

Though they do offer a free downloadable photographer’s contract right off the bat, some of the other perks do come at a price, but whether or not these additional features are valuable is for you to decide. In addition to contracts, The Law Tog offers online education with immediate access to tools, downloadable transcripts, a private student community, and opportunities for Q&A sessions with a team of professionals. They also provide a “tax tool” to help you calculate taxes and manage receipts in an organized fashion.

The Law Tog comes with an impressive number of contract categories—like “Independent Contractor & Employer”, “Pricing and Sales”, “Studio Leasing”, and “Website Policy Templates”—and they insist that they’ve got a contract for each and every problem you could run into in the photography industry.

The Law Tog also functions as a blog, with a collection of dozens of articles pertaining to relevant business content, to keep you up-to-date and informed on legal side of the industry.

Whether or not you’ve had legal issues when working with others in the past, you never know when a major issue will arise, and it’s always better to be prepared beforehand. The Law Tog seems to be capable of providing you with the tools that could potentially save your business, or at the very least protect it before trouble starts.