“A lot of people be like ‘don’t buy a tilt-shift lens,” Eric Floberg tells us.

But here’s why—also according to Floberg—you should.

What is a Tilt-Shift Lens?

A lens with two functions: shifting and tilting.

  • What is a shift?  

A movement of the lens up or down the camera.

  • Why?

To correct for the “falling away” effect common in architecture shots. 

  • And a Tilt? 

Changes the angle of the lens.

  • Why? 
  1. Two subjects, at different distances, can both be in focus. 
  2. Making cities and landscapes look like toy sets. 
  3. Blurring above or below a subject.


Blurring is Floberg’s specialty, so he goes into detail.

  • What’s happening? 

    From this

When tilting, the typical vertical plane of focus becomes diagonal. Add in rotation, and you can “skew” your image in any direction.

To this

  • Why wouldn’t we want this? 

“A lot of people be like ‘don’t buy a tilt-shift lens,'” Floberg concedes, “‘you can fake it in Photoshop.'”

  • But…

Faking it isn’t the same as making it. Having the lens on you, he insists, “is going to force you to be creative in the moment.”

Here’s the full vid.

And here’s some lenses.

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