Listen, I realize it’s the dead of winter and you are probably stuck inside somewhere, but don’t worry, you can still go for a quick jaunt around the world with these photos.

The contest, held by Outdoor Photography Magazine, is in its seventh year showcasing some of the best photographs taken from all around the world.  Competition is fierce, with over 18,000 entries in just nine categories.  The categories themselves (with a brief explanation for the ones that aren’t self-explanatory) include:

  • Light of The Land (landscape images from anywhere in the world)
  • Spirit of Travel (culture, people, places, and festivals)
  • At The Water’s Edge
  • View From Above (from a helicopter, drone, or aeroplane)
  • Wildlife Insight
  • Live The Adventure (capturing adventure sports)
  • Under Exposed (underwater)
  • Small World (macro and close-ups)
  • Young Outdoor Photographer of The Year


In the above video, the judges describe what attracted them to each of the winning photos, as well as provide a professional analysis that is sure to make you see the photos a little differently.

For those who want to let the photos speak for themselves, keep on scrolling.

Light of The Land

Simon Baxter. North Yorkshire, England

Spirit of Travel

Andy Holliman.  Kangerlussuaq Airport, Greenland

At The Water’s Edge 

Witold Ziomek. Thorsmork (the valley of Thor), Iceland

View From Above

Tom Sweetman.  Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wildlife Insight

Jose Fragozo. Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Live The Adventure

Mikolaj Nowachi. The Baltic Seat

Under Exposed

Saeed Rashid.  Sohal Surgeonfish, Fury Shoals, Red Sea, Egypt

Small World

William Mallet. Saffron Walden, Essex, England


Josiah Launstein.  Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep, near Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

In March, an overall winner will be announced, but for now, these are winners for each of the categories.   There is also a book available consisting of the best images of the competition.  On their website you can find previous winners and more details on the prizes and criteria as well as further information for those looking to enter the contest next year.

The contest website can be found here:

Also, a side note:

Outdoor Photography (the magazine holding the contest) is different then the magazine Outdoor Photographer.  Yes it gets confusing considering the name of the award, but perhaps avid photographers have long since been able to decipher the two.  Outdoor Photography is published in the U.K. focusing on landscape, wildlife, nature, and adventure.

Cover Photo by Johannes Ludwig