Remember that three-point lighting system you learned so much about but still couldn’t explain to anybody?

Okay, maybe that’s just me (I went hard in college), but whether your lighting skill is that of a beginner or an intermediate (I won’t insult your intelligence, experts) or it’s your first time learning about this sort of thing, this is still a good video . It’s done in such a neat and precise way that you don’t even have to be looking to fix that flat and unprofessional footage you’ve been shooting to enjoy it…though that might help.  Parker Walbeck, the video creator says:

“Lighting is one of the key elements to creating cinematic images and one of the biggest factors that separates amateur looking films from professional looking films.”

The video explains the variations of a three point lighting system in a very straightforward, easy to understand way, providing clear cut examples of everything.

I swear he explains it better than this picture does.

In just ten minutes, Walbeck covers back light, fill light, and goes into depth with key light.  He explains what emotions and moods can be achieved with a combination of lighting and shadow, as well as providing description of five common lighting configurations and why you would want to use them: flat light, paramount lighting, loop lighting, Rembrandt lighting, and split lighting.

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If you watched the video, then you know why this is here. If you didn’t, then this is kind of awkward.

The catch is that it is a three part video.  The second and third part you can only see if you follow his link to, which is an online film school that isn’t cheap.  Yes, it sucks that you won’t be able to get the full lesson in achieving that “cinematic look” and might seem like a waste to even post this video.

But, even without it, you still get a dope lesson on three point lighting in such a damn helpful and easy-to-comprehend way that it’s worth taking a look.  Also, his channel has other good education content for free.

While I don’t get anything for sending you this dude’s way, I know that I could have saved a lot of money on my film degree from a university if I utilized resources such like this so… you know….I’m looking out for you.