The Statue Of Liberty Museum is under construction on Liberty Island. The 26,000-square-foot museum, set to open in 2019, will blend history and technology to a create an educational and engaging experience for visitors of the famous landmark. 

The museum is a collaboration by Float4 (the production and interaction of the interactive content), ESI Designs (experience and exhibit design), the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, and architecture firm FX Collaborative.

With 4.4 million annual visitors to the island, the companies plan to enhance the overall visitor experience to the monument.  The museum, meanwhile, will be accessible with the purchase of a ferry ticket. A magnificent view of Manhattan and the monument itself will still be a draw, but the companies involved hope the multi-sensorial experience will give visitors an opportunity to think beyond that.

Guests will begin by watching a “virtual flythrough” of the Statue of Liberty—an immersive digital experience that will provide astonishing perspectives and an overview of Lady Liberty. 

They can then dive into stories about the Statue’s inspirations, construction, and impact, through historic artifacts, immersive media, and interactive stations. The question of how the Statue of Liberty fits into a changing world will also be answered. 

Through these engaging activities, the creators hope that visitors will, along with enjoying themselves, consider their own roles in Liberty’s future.

The Montreal-based Float4 turn “digital experiences into physical spaces to amplify their identity,” and have previously created interactive features for Cirque du Soleil. Though they at first might seem a peculiar choice—considering the short attention spans of people today, and the boredom that some equate with museums—it’s a unique and interesting idea that will hopefully create memorable experiences for its visitors.

Due to safety regulations following 9/11, only around 20% of the island’s visitors were able to visit the old museum. The new iteration will allow them all.


The Websites for the companies involved can be found here:


ESI Design


Cover Photo by Lucas Franco

Photo 1 by Ferdinand Stohr

Photo 2 by Brandon Mowinkel