Mmmmm. Beer.

While a nice foamy glass of beer will almost always sound good–hungover mornings not included–can you make it look good?

Probably not. Enter Rob Grimm, beverage photographer to the stars. His client list includes names like Grey Goose, Budweiser, Bombay Sapphire, San Pellegrino, and numerous others.

Mr. Grimm [Image courtesy the “Bio” tab on his site]

Now, through RGG EDU–the world-renowned purveyor of photography tutorials led by masters of their craft–Rob is offering to teach you ” the foundations of beverage photography…from capturing a bottle on white, [to] photographing cocktails…[to] creating appetite and appeal….[as well as] the use of duratrans to make an image that appears to be shot on-location with all the control of a studio.”

For the price of FREE (zero, zip, nada, diddly, etc.) you can get access to “the instructor’s entire workflow,” as well as an inside look at their “thought process.”

Normally sold for $299, the course is broken down into 25 chapters with rather self-explanatory titles like: “Learn To Prepare Bottles,” and “Learn To Shoot A Beer Pour.” It also includes a full post-production workflow tutorial hosted by Earth Oliver, who has done retouching for brands such as Nike, Jordan, and Microsoft.

Class breakdown [Screenshot RGG]

Along with class materials, purchase also comes with a few perks. This includes 27 RAW files, 4 full photo shoots, universal MP4 for PC, Mac & Airplay, and access to a private Facebook group where participants can collaborate, share ideas, and compare notes.

[Image courtesy Joel Barwick @ Unsplash]

RGG has gained notoriety not just for the big names they’ve been able to lure, but for a unique teaching style which “concentrates on the WHY and not just HOW.” To that end, all classes are unscripted and, while the instructor knows what actions they will be performing, they are free to comment as they see fit. This approach has the added benefit of, as they say, allowing you to witness not just the workflow, but the thought process behind a creator’s work. This imparts an education that lives on even as specific steps in the workflow are inevitably forgotten over time.


The tutorial can be downloaded here.

Mr. Grimm’s beverage photography can be found here.

Feature Image Courtesy Tookapic @ Pexels