We’ve all heard of people lying on their resumes; after all, it’s easy to write a white lie here and there about being an expert in Excel, or having ‘unparalleled’ leadership skills. But most people don’t have the chutzpah to lie in their portfolio, as well.

However, through a story written by redditor russelalboroto, we have discovered that some people, indeed, have no reservations in passing off another person’s work as their own. This redditor was conducting interviews for his company when he met a woman who claimed to be a photographer.  She showed him her website, which was filled with low-resolution wedding and engagement photos. This redditor quickly realized that these were photos that he had taken, and that the woman had stolen them from an online platform.

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To give her a chance to redeem herself, he asked the woman if she was sure that she had taken all of the photos that were on her website.  Her response was an enthusiastic, “Yeah! Don’t they look good?”  Realizing that the woman was blithely unaware of the mistake that she had made, the redditor maintained a cool composure and continued the interview.

Afterwards, the redditor contacted the couple to let them know that their photos had been stolen.  It soon came to light that the interviewee had been friends with the couple, and had stolen the wedding photos off of their Facebook.  The redditor and his clients had a good laugh about it… but still, the perpetrator needed to be stopped.

A few days later, our hero called the woman to let her know that she did not get the job, because- while she could have been a qualifying candidate- the work that she presented at her interview was not her own.  Feigning confusion, the woman responded with an “I don’t believe so…” The redditor cut her off.  He revealed to her that he was the one who had taken the photos.  Per his request, she has erased all of his photos from her website.

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It’s hard to believe that this woman thought that a trick like this would work, but perhaps she wouldn’t have attempted to pass off the photos as her own had she known that her interviewer was the very person who had taken them.  In this writer’s opinion, our redditor was lucky that he got to meet his imitator in person.  While it was infuriating for him, at least he knows that his work is safely back in his hands, and it is likely that this woman won’t take another artist’s work to an interview again.

Feature Photo Courtesy of: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash