Two years ago, blogger Liam Alex Colman, a self-described “simple man with a passion for photography,” decided to sign up for Buffer, the software application designed to “manage accounts in social networks.”

Liam Alex Colman [Twitter screenshot]

After trying their free, entry-level tier, Liam decided to upgrade to a paid plan, using Buffer to schedule all of his assorted social media postings.

Now he’s come to the spread the word on his findings.

“I knew I wanted one central place to manage all social media postings,” his story begins. And “after a number months,” he continues, “I knew it had to be Buffer.” Here’s why:

What’s So Great About Buffer? 

1. It Can Do Everything

For the social media aficionado who’s not satisfied with trending on only one platform, Buffer has you covered. Its software supports:

  • Twitter accounts
  • Facebook profiles, pages, and groups
  • LinkedIn profiles and pages
  • Google+ profiles and pages
  • Pinterest accounts
  • Instagram accounts

(Sadly, no Myspace.)


2. It Keeps You On Track

Buffer’s schedule view.

With a clean, intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Buffer makes it easy to stay on top of all the numerous things you’ve got going on. As Liam describes it:

“Once you launch the Buffer web app and have your social accounts connected, you’ll be greeted by the Buffer schedule. On the left, a list of all your connected social media accounts. On the right, all of your queued posts and images for the selected account. To populate your schedule you can either click on any of the empty slots and add a post or…publish a post instantly or schedule a post at a custom time.”

Graphics, such as the “schedule” or “calendar” view, help as well.

Buffer calendar view.


3. Apps and Extensions

Overlay function.

Not content to reside only on their own website, Buffer has many options for point of entry. This includes an Android app, the usage of which, Liam raves, “is a very pleasant experience…smooth and responsive,” as well as a Chrome extension.

As for the latter, the integration is impressively deep. Along with an overlay which allows you to share images at the click of a button, it also “integrates with the popular websites Twitter/TweetDeck, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit and Hacker News.” This means that, for example, “When making posts on Twitter and Facebook you’ll have the option to either send the post as usual or add it to Buffer.”


4. Support

Image Courtesy Fernando Venzano

Perhaps the most impressive part about Buffer is its customer support team. Liam describes one situation in which, because Pinterest had altered its site, the Buffer extension was no longer working as planned. So he took to Twitter and reached out to Buffer, explaining his problem. In return, “they quickly offered me a workaround….What’s more, a couple of days later I received another message informing me that the issue had been identified and fixed.” In short, Liam concludes, “their support did more than I expected in no time at all.”


Why You Should Try It

According to Mr. Colman, Buffer will “absolutely cover all of your needs as a social media scheduler.” Further, he attests that he is not a paid employee of Buffer but simply a community-minded blogger trying to make life easier for everyone. His advice to do so? “Get everything done in one convenient app [Buffer] and be done with it!”


Feature Image Courtesy Bench Accounting