Let’s face it—for most of us, Instagram is a drag.

Social media was built to be a source of inspiration, a place where we could connect with those who have similar interests. Instagram especially was billed as a site where photographers could feel free to build up their portfolios and reputations.

But the constant torrent of information on social media can sometimes be more exhausting than inspiring.  How many times have we scrolled through our phones, dead-eyed,  wondering how we could ever be as talented as the people who’ve just graced our screens?

Once you get voice in your head—the one that asks: “Why aren’t you as talented as they are?” —delete the app.

Just do it.

Even if just for a week, allow yourself a break from the cycle.  Once you being comparing yourself, your creative process is hindered.  You convince yourself that no idea is good enough, and miss out on interesting pursuits unique to you.

And take the popularity of Instagram with a grain of salt. Yes, it’s a great app for sharing work and connecting with artists. But approaching your creative process with a focus on it is misguided. Art is for personal expression—not likes.

It’s easy to lose oneself spending time on the ‘gram. Bombarded with trends and pop culture, you forget the things that makes your work your own.

To maintain integrity, and passion, it’s necessary to once in a while steer clear of social media.  During this time,  clear your head and figure out what’s important—to youRemember what got you into photography in the first place?  The message you wanted to share, the mood you had to convey? The answers you provide to these questions will reframe your focus, bringing your passion back into perspective.

Then, get back on Instagram, with a clearer head. And don’t be intimidated by the opinions of others. As you know well, they can be made to disappear—*poof*—at the touch of a button. 


Feature Image Courtesy NeONBRAND