Photographer Saurav Sinha recently released the video 7 Photography Tips to Be A BETTER Photographer. Though the information provided is geared towards beginner and intermediate photographers, there is still good information for more advanced practitioners who might just want a refresher on some of the basics; an easily digestible video (just seven minutes long) that provides both relevant and easy to understand information is always going to be worth viewing. 


Here is a brief summary of Saurav’s Tips:

1. Get The Image Right In Camera

A good photograph isn’t made in post. The editing processes can enhance a photo, but it’s not going to make a bad photo good. Nailing exposure and color in camera will retain the quality of the photo and will make post production a breeze.   

2. Use Lenses Fit To The Situation

Whether it’s wide-angle, telephoto or macro, the lens is going to drastically change the image. Even when taking pictures of the same subject, in the same lighting, with the same composition, the end result will be much different. Know what type of image you are looking for and find the best lens for that situation. 

3. Keep Your Composition Simple

Composition is an essential part of photography. It is the way in which a photographer conveys the story to the viewer. If a composition is too complex, then a viewer will have trouble finding that story. Keep the composition simple and easy to understand. Use techniques like leading lines, symmetry, etc. to guide their eyes. Experiment with the process, but your ultimate goal should not be to confuse your viewer.

4. Pre-Visualize and Plan

Photography isn’t as spontaneous as a lot of people may believe. Yes, being in the right place at the right time does happen, but, for the most part, there is way more planning and research that goes into the photograph than it appears. Even the best photographers plan their photos. So do your homework and plan what you want to achieve—this will allow you to focus on the images themselves when you are on location.

5. Study Other Photographers and Get Inspired

Finding talented photographers is easier than ever with the internet. Follow these experts, find inspiration in their work, and study what makes them good. Examine their images, learn from them, and try to understand the story they are trying to tell, the mindset they were in when they took the photo.

6. Maintain A Signature Style

Finding inspiration in a photographer’s work and copying it are much different—though the line between the two might be quite thin. When you first start out, you might emulate someone’s style, but eventually you are going to want to try to separate yourself. Find what makes you unique and pursue that in your work. 

7. Enjoy The Process 

“Performance doesn’t come from pressure, it only comes from passion.” Just because high-quality, inexpensive cameras are in more abundance than ever, it still takes practice to be good. Stick with it, and enjoy it. It’ll frustrate you at times and you’ll wonder why your photographs aren’t turning out as good as those that inspire you, but just like with anything, keep on doing it, keep on practicing. Focus on the aesthetic and composition—the more you do it, the better you’ll get.


Head over to Saurav’s Youtube Page if you wanna check out more awesome photography videos.




Cover Photo by Alvaro Araujo Alcalde

Photo 1 by Rakicevic Nenad

Photo 2 by Jacob Sapp

Photo 3 by Jiawei Chen