It’s Pi Day. And what is more fitting than talking about pie art (some people call it pie porn, but a quick search on google will scare you from ever typing that in).

The ever-growing need to create something new and intriguing in order to grab the public’s dwindling attention spans has resulted in Pie Art, the process of taking photos of perfectly made pies.

But these pies goes beyond that. In fact, it needs to be emphasized that this is actual art—perhaps calling it sculpture would be more fitting—or maybe they are on to something with the somewhat grotesque description of “pie porn”. Either way, one look at the pictures will show you that pie art is an actual art created by artist, and it just so happens that they use pie as its medium.

Whether it be intricate geometric designs, colorful displays of fruit, or thoughtful variations on standard pies, there is no doubt that there is something very satisfying and appealing about the photos. And no doubt a lot of work goes into every aspects of the process. Not only in the pies themselves, but in the composition of the photos as well.

But of course, because this is the internet, pie art can’t just be all fun and games. The problem? Most of the photographs are taken before the pie is actually baked.

Lauren Ko, a pie art instagrammer from Seattle, when asked about hate mail, told Vice: “Yes, of course. Because it’s the internet, and because everyone has to pick up on something negative. I do have trolls. I have seen some comments on Reddit about how I’m a fraud. People get upset that I don’t always show the post-bake, which means that whatever I made must’ve been a disaster and that my pies are obviously disgusting.”

And I guess they are right, because after all, it is food. But then again, if it’s an Instagram picture then you aren’t ever going to eat it anyway, so what the hell does it matter? 

That being said, there are some pie ‘grammers who do post before and after pictures. But you’ll see that some of the pies do tend to look more like, well food, as opposed to just art, after they are baked.

Some Fire Pie Art Instagrams:




Cover Photo Courtesy: Stock Snap