Our society is in the midst of balancing itself out after centuries of males dominating most industries. Recently, Rachel Morrison became the first female cinematographer to be nominated for an Oscar for her work on “Mudbound,” and it’s moments like this that give us hope that things are headed in the right direction. And, hopefully soon, in the near future, it’ll become such a common occurrence, that gender won’t even be relevant to the discussion.

For now though, it is still an uphill battle. But projects like the Women In  Photography Instagram Project are going to help bridge that gap.

The Women In Photography Group is promoting women’s work behind the lens. The project hopes to “encourage, inspire and promote women’s passion and accomplishments in photography.” Women photographers, of all skill levels, are urged to participate.

The instagram is the work of Gittel and Bill Price who run the page voluntarily, the sole intention being to raise awareness of woman’s work behind the camera, with no commercialization of the user’s image–though of course, promoting your work will be a benefit of being featured.

The project follows a monthly theme. The month of March is “women’s art.” But guidelines on the theme aren’t strict, instead they are open to interpretation, whatever image the photographer feels works best.

To participate you can email your images to gittelprice@womeninfocusinternational.com and follow the instructions:

  • Attach one or more of your photos, ideally a jpeg.
  • Include your full name and your Instagram account (assuming you are a user).
  • Include one web site link that you want to post with your image (your website, Facebook, other if you have one).
  • You can also include a note about the image to be included with the post.
  • And if you want any additional hashtags that you’d want posted with your image.

Even if you aren’t a photographer, the page is still worth following. Not only will you have awesome images pop up on your feed, but you will also be supporting a good cause.


Cover Photo by Benjamin Combs