You’ve written your screenplay, you’ve taken classes on how to work with actors, and you’ve got a group of friends ready to do you a huge favor. You still have a ways to go, but choosing equipment to shoot your film with is a crucial decision. Maybe you want to rent, but maybe you’re starting a career in film and decide investing in your own camera is essential. The first obstacle one encounters is that with the volume of cameras on the market the decision can be overwhelming. Nikon , for their part, are working to make that decision a little easier for you.

The Filmmaker’s Kit is for those who have chosen to make an investment. It contains a DSLR, 3 prime lenses (20, 35, and 85mm), an external video recorder/display, audio recording equipment, and other necessities (HDMI cable, extra batteries) and is priced at $5,499.95.

This isn’t the first filmmaking kit that Nikon has released. You can find a similar package on Amazon with the camera’s previous model. Particular to this new release is the full frame, 4K-capable Nikon D850.

Digital Trends valued the body and lenses at $5,100. Engadget said you’ll save $700 by buying the kit rather than its contents individually.

Of course, this is only a small portion of what is needed to make a film and I don’t think anyone is under the impression that buying this kit is gonna instantly make them the next Denis Villeneuve (are we allowed to use his name in that context yet?) But as far as investing in a camera package that will put the image quality of your film in the professional range and perhaps please your director of photograph, this is a great option.