VSCO has been amongst the most popular photo editing apps since its release a couple years back, but the app has recently added an incredibly valuable new feature to their services.

VSCO updated their app technology, introducing the machine learning AI named Ava a few months ago, which analyzes photos to provide users with a ‘discover’ feature that shows them similar content to that which they have previously shown interest in. Now, VSCO is making further moves with VSCO Connect, meant to bring companies and creators together in collaboration.

VSCO Connect has caught the eye of brands like Nike, Chobani, Timberland, and major energy bar distributor PowerBar, which has already hired 10 photographers through the service. The way the feature works is the company sends in a creative brief detailing the kind of work they are looking for. Then, VSCO uses its AI tech to determine which VSCO users would make a good match based of the aesthetic and style of their photos—the AI is supposedly capable of focusing not just on color scheme but also the overall sentiment of the photos. VSCO then provides the company with five photographer to choose from, and after ensuring both the photographer and company are on the same page, the company can expect their results in about four weeks.

Shot by Tyree Harris for Powerbar

PowerBar senior manager of social and digital marketing Jennifer Hirst explains that using VSCO amounted to a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing campaigns. The appeal isn’t just in the cost-cuts, though. A big appeal is the relatively young VSCO community, made up by a majority of millennials and Gen Z teens (73% of the community is under 25 years old, with the fastest going sector being 13-17 year-olds), which ensures new creative talent with fresh ideas. VSCO CEO Joel Flory says, “Since the beginning, brands have been coming to VSCO because of our community and the quality of creators from fashion tech, lifestyle. And they’re coming to find these creators. These are who’s next. It’s not just the influencers of today on other platforms; they really are often undiscovered.”

Shot by Emari Traffie for Nike

Shot by Emari Traffie for Nike

For young photographers interested in entering the professional creative industry, this is great news, as their VSCO platforms, which they use for creative/social purposes, could actually land them a gig. So, VSCO users, it may be time to up your photo game, because with VSCO Connect, your account may double as a resume.