I know, I know. You’ve missed us. But rest assured, besides filling the internet with our slang, quips and pictures, we’ve been busy crafting our Spring 2018 ink-on-paper output, The Legend Issue.

Featuring the likes of Albert Watson (seen smartly dressed on the cover), up-and-comer Mamadi Doumbouya, and the creative duo behind Dave & Gabe studios, it’s stuffed with inspiration from the best for you to feed on.

Lest you get too restless, our travel editor takes you to Thailand to meet Lek Chailert, the “Mother of the Elephants,” while the rest of us, stuck in NY, debate the merits of Finstagram and whether or not we respect the Tide Pod Challenge.

So stop throwing around that word—Legend—and actually learn what it means, from the pros. No, not us, I mean the legends themselves. And while you’re at it, seeing as it’s spring and all, maybe go outside?

Cop the issue here