Though going out in nature with just you and a camera might lead to some killer photos, there is definitely gear that is going to help you bring your landscape photography to the next level.

Photographer Nigel Danson video: ESSENTIAL Landscape Photography GEAR (top 5 and what else is in my bag) might offer you some insight on what other equipment is necessary to getting that amazing shot.

This isn’t about camera equipment to get started in landscape photography, but other pieces of equipment that will help you out. That being said, he does touch on what cameras he personally uses and some of the lens. There is also a part 2 which talks about the gear he uses for video.

Here is a little recap of the top 5 pieces of gear and other aspects of the video:

 L Bracket/Plate 

An L bracket is a piece of metal that you attach to the bottom and side of your camera which in turn attaches to the ballhead of the tripod, which allows you to switch from shooting horizontal to vertical. It’ll keep your camera sturdy and in place.

Danson says that an L bracket “saved me time and allowed me to quickly get photos.”


Polarizing filters, which you place in front of your camera lens, changes the way your camera captures and sees light.

Danson says the filter allows you to break through haze in the atmosphere. Allows you to cut off reflection in water, see underneath the water, and transforms moving and flowing water. Adds something that you can’t do in post.

SD Case

Danson uses the Pelican SD case to transport and protect his SD cards while he is on the go. It goes without saying that protecting these little memory cards is essential for all photographers, but Danson emphasizes the sometimes difficult elements of nature and provides even more reason to invest in a hard case. In the video, he even says that early that day he dropped the case in the snow, just to bring home the point.

Cable Release

A cable release is a cable attached to the shutter release of a camera, allowing the photographer to open the shutter without touching or moving the camera.

Danson says “Never press the button on top of the camera.” The cable release will assure you don’t get camera vibration, which allows you to take a photo at the exact time that you want to take that photo.

Lens Wipes

Cheap, quick, and easy way to clean your lens.

Other Aspects of the Video:

Danson touches briefly on lens, including the importance of a longer lens and how it may help you: ”If you are struggling with composition but you can see lots of great looking light, get your 70 to 200 mm, don’t worry about the foreground to much, and just go in tighter on the landscape and you’ll find you’ll get some amazing shots.”

He also talks about his tripod and some other bags he uses for carrying his equipment. In part 2 of the video, he talks about his cameras, sound equipment, lens, and some other gear.


In the bio of the video, Danson provides links to all the gear that he uses.

He has some other awesome videos you should check out on his youtube page: HERE.

And also an inspiring story about how a near death experience caused him to change his life and purse photography full time. Check out his website


Cover Photo by: Natalie Toombs

Photo 1 & 2 by: Ales Krivec