Ah yes, the Instagram Takeover. We’ve all seen it done before, but a lot of us probably don’t think about what it takes to do it the right way.

A takeover is when someone takes over another user’s account temporarily and shares their own content with a new audience. A takeover benefits both parties involved by collaboration and cross-promotion, diversifying their audiences. It’s a win-win, as they say.

Though this is a relatively new concept, there are still specific elements that’ll account for a successful takeover. And for you, the potential Instagram Takeoverer, let us take a look at what some of these are:

1. Choose The Right Company/User

You need to have something in common with the brand or user account that you are about to take over. Does it have to be exactly the same? No, but something has to line up, even if it is just your ideals.

If you are an influencer who specializes in meditation, for example, then doing a takeover of a millennial’s make-up tutorial channel is probably not going to help either of you. I mean, on paper, it should, because people who meditate need to look pretty too, but let’s be realistic here.

2. Decide On The Logistics & Set A Goal

When is it going to happen? How long is it going to be for?  Will you be posting to their grid, utilizing Instagram Stories, or hosting a live video. Maybe all of the above? Whatever it is, it’s going to change the content you are going to generate for their channel.

Which is why you should also have a specific goal. Are you launching a product, promoting an event, promoting yourself? Figure this out and try to deliver you message in the medium best suited to the job.

Takeover Goal: make everyone give up on their beach season diet

3. Let Your Own Users Know That You Are Taking Over Someone Else’s Account

Get on your own social media accounts and let the fans know that you are taking over another account. Remember that this is going to be mutually beneficial—this is where you are helping them out on your end. Your fans will see that you are doing a takeover, get curious to know why you’ve made that decision, and hopefully follow you over to the other account.

4. Hook Your New Audience

Don’t bore potential followers, don’t play it safe. You are probably not someone they’ve heard of, so they are going to be judging you like crazy. But that’s okay, because we are used to this sort of thing.

But that means that you have to hook the viewers. Go somewhere unique, do something unique, make it memorable. Utilize the moment. Do what you do best.

Disclaimer: hooking an audience does not mean putting your life at risk.

5. Hashtag It Up, You Social Butterfly

Utilize all the little tools that comes with the territory. Create a hashtag for the takeover. Create another, create a few more. Don’t stop now! Okay, too many.

Tag people during the takeover. Talk with them, answer questions. Be the little social butterfly that you are. And if you aren’t? Well at least pretend to be during the takeover. Come on.


6. See If It Worked and If It Was Worth It

Measure the results. Did you gain followers? Did you lose followers? Did your other social media account get some new traffic? Was the user/brand you worked with happy with what they saw?

Maybe their users weren’t the audience you thought they’d be. Maybe you weren’t intriguing enough. Maybe you went live and live isn’t your thing. Hey, it’s okay, you can always do another. But there are ways to measure if it’s a success, so do your research.


Okay, that’s it. That wasn’t so bad. And look at all the followers you’ve gained. Now it’s time to find another and keep this momentum up.


Cover Photo By Jakob Owens

Photo 1 by Callie Morgan

Photo 2 by Tuce