In this photographer’s defense, it wouldn’t be the first time FStoppers posted a parody of a tutorial.

“I sincerely thought this was satire and thought it was funny – but am coming to the realization that may not be the case.”

About a week ago, in the popular /r/photography subreddit, I came upon a link to an FStoppers tutorial on “The Biggest Light Modifier,” with the poster of the link proclaiming: “FStoppers just won April Fools.” Intrigued, I watched the entire video, waiting for the gag. Given FStoppers’ previous venture into satire, I had high hopes. But it never came.

Confused, I read the comments on Youtube. But besides the pointed question, “Who dressed these people?” I found very little humor to latch on to. One commenter even praised the tutorial, calling it “fantastic.”

Was I blind? Lacking a funny bone? Too obtuse for the nuanced humor being perpetrated in front of my eyes?

Assuming these were all partially true explanation, I moved on, continuing in my unfunny existence.

One funny thing, though: who is he speaking to?

Then, earlier today, I decided to revisit the video, thinking perhaps the time off had refreshed my comedic sensitivity, and it would alert me at the appropriate time to laugh. Much to my surprise—and relief—what I found was that it wasn’t I, the confused viewer, who lacked a sense of humor, but the poster him/her self!

It turns out that the video wasn’t comedic at all, just “pretty bad,” like, “barely even a tutorial” according to Redditors who—like myself—found the video supremely unfunny. One commenter was also helpful enough to point out that the video–supposedly an April Fool’s prank, according to the original poster—was posted on April 3.

7 foot softbox, which, the host warns, “is heavy”

Embarrassed, the original poster admitted to thinking it was a “satire of impractical lighting advice found in YouTube videos.” A wonderful thought/excuse, but  with one big problem, however, as pointed out by another user: “It [the supposedly impractical advice] worked.”

The assembled Redditors then begin to pile on the supposedly humor-deficient poster (I myself know something of what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a group of disgruntled Reddit photogs), stating bluntly that “there is no joke,” and that OP (reddit-speak for “original poster”) “wasted everyone’s time.”

In OP’s defense, the video is rather janky, the 7-foot softbox was rather comedic, and the participants are dressed terribly, not to mention the host repeatedly speaks at a 45-degree angle to the camera.

Tragically however, OP didn’t rely on these possible explanations for his behavior, instead deciding to explain his own motivations behind thinking this was humorous. This led to the following exchange which, I think we can all agree, OP lost:

OP in gray, respondent in black

The moral of the story here? Make sure you do your homework before posting on Reddit. If you don’t, those darn jackals will tear you apart.