In their second big announcement of the week, industry-leading stock video platform Pond5 unveiled a brand-new Visual Search feature.

“vastly reduced the amount of time it takes to find the perfect video”

Relying on their own patent-pending proprietary neural network, the tool allows any visual assets on the site to be searched for with images either also from the site or uploaded via your own computer.

In a press release, Pond5 product manager Lawrence Lazare explained his belief that adding by AI-based search, they’ve “vastly reduced the amount of time it takes to find the perfect video clip, photo, or illustration.”

In addition, the company has released a suite of browser extensions—for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari—allowing users to rapidly drag and drop results from the web into Pond5’s search function. The extension also includes the ability to erase portions of the original image, thus refining your search.

“Eliminating the difficult task of trying to put a visual concept into words”

Finally, they’ve also added mobile capability, allowing you to quickly move media from your phone’s camera into their search function for similar results.

Pond5’s CEO Jason Teichman explains the move toward visual search—particularly mobile—as a way to ensure inspiration is never lost due to a lack of technology.

“Inspiration can strike at any moment,” his statement reads, and so to keep up, Pond5 is committed to “always giv[ing] you a way to find what you’re looking for, regardless of whether you’re on the site, browsing the web, or walking down the street.”

In addition to the announcement, the online licensable media warehouse included demos of each new feature:

Desktop Search

Browser Extensions

Mobile Search