The winning images of the 61st World Press Photo Contest have been announced for  2018. The annual contest awards the best journalistic images. This year’s winners were selected out of 73,044 images taken by 4,548 photographers from 125 different countries.

The contest dates back to 1955, when a group of Dutch photographs, seeing to expose their work to audiences all over the world, organized the international contest. It is now one the most prestigious in the world.

The website summarizes the competition:

“We showcase stories that make people stop, feel, think and act. We encourage diverse accounts of the world that present stories with different perspectives. We exhibit those stories to a worldwide audience, educate the profession and the public on their making, and encourage debate on their meaning. We are a global platform connecting professionals and audiences through trustworthy visual journalism and storytelling.”

“Kid Jockeys” by Alain Schroeder. First Prize Stories: Sports.

Apart from from a single image winner of the The World Press Photo of the Year, there are also “singles” image winners as well as “stories” (containing 2 to 10 photos) across eight categories.

These categories include:

  • spot news: witnessing news moments or immediate events.
  • contemporary issues: documenting cultural, political or social issues affecting individuals or societies.
  • environment: documenting human impact, positive or negative, on the environment.
  • general news: reporting on news topics and their aftermaths.
  • nature: showing flora, fauna and landscapes in their natural state.
  • people: individuals or groups either in observed or posed portraits.
  • sports: that capture individual or team sports.
  • long-term projects: a project on a single theme shot over at least three different years

The prize-winning photographs are assembled into an exhibition that travels to 100 cities in 45 countries reaching an audience of over 4 million people. A book will also be published with the winning images and will available for purchase.

World Press Photo of the Year & First Prize Singles: Spot News

“Venezuela Crisis” by Ronaldo Schemidt

First Prize Singles: Contemporary Issues

“Lagos Waterfronts under Threat” by Jesco Denzel

First Prize Singles: Environment

“Waiting For Freedom” by Neil Aldridge

First Prize Singles: General News

“Rohingya Crisis” by Patrick Brown

First Prize Singles: Nature

“Dumpster Diver” by Corey Arnold

First Prize Singles: People

“Resignation Syndrome” by Magnus Wennman

First Prize Singles: Sports

“Royal Shrovetide Football” by Oliver Scarff

First Prize Stories: Long-Term Projects

“Ich Bin Waldviertel” by Carla Kogelman

These are only the winners of the “Singles” Category. Head over to World Press Photo to see the stories behind each photo as well as the winners of the “stories” category. You can also see the 2nd and 3rd place photos in both “single” and “stories” and hear the stories as well.


Cover Photo: “Demonstrator Catches Fire” by Juan Barreto. Third Prize Stories: Spot News