For over a year, Casey Neistat has been absent from his daily vlog. Leaving the video empire he created, he had embarked on a new journey—a digital news partnership with CNN entitled “Beme.”

Now, Beme is dead, and Neistat has declared the project a “failure.” The ever-productive filmmaker, however—much like his obsession with running—moves on.

After thinking long and hard about what makes his passion flare, Neistat has come back with a vengeance, launching a new daily vlog, 368.”

“Space is the most elusive thing”

The idea is a simple one: buy a huge space, acquire a bunch of gear for creatives, build the equipment they need, and invite them in. But of course it’s never that easy. Luckily, Casey just might be the one able to do it.

The space. Located at 368 Broadway—coincidentally also the space for Beme HQ (as Casey said, “I’m not taking an L on this space”)—it’s housed in a three-story building (plus basement) in all its glory. And he bought the whole thing, meaning no upstairs or downstairs neighbors to complain about the racket that is sure to be made.

The guests. Casey envisions all types of creators inhabiting 368 Broadway. Whether it’s foreign vloggers visiting the States who need a room to get some editing done, or local podcasters looking to broadcast from the heart of New York, the guest list is inclusive of anyone who creates.

The amenities. Currently, the space is quite literally empty. It’s a bunch of giant rooms, wood floors, and exposed piping. Beautiful, yes, but empty. Taking a stroll around the premises, however, Casey begins reeling off the possibilities: a recording studio here, a podcasting booth here, and action sports taking place here.

The show. Seeing as this is Casey Neistat we’re talking about, the project wouldn’t be complete without producing some great content. But the format may surprise some: in a return to his old ways, the space will host A DAILY VLOG (cue raucous cheers from the peanut gallery) entitled “368.” The first episode premiered this morning and features his old friend, now “Partner in Crime,” Daniel from South Africa.

“The creator community here in NYC sucks.”

If reading all this made you think of Andy Warhol’s “The Factory,” you’re not alone. During the announcement, Neistat spliced clips of Warhol and others in that legendary space, which was coincidentally also located on Broadway (860).

Neistat’s intentions are largely similar to Warhol’s, albeit updated for the digital age. He laments that NYC has no real community for creators, and what it does have, frankly, “sucks.” Its his contention, however, that this is not due to a lack of energy or creative prowess, but a lack of a central location, a hub of creativity. 368 Broadway, he hopes, will fill that void.

“What if,” he says, gesturing to his newly-acquired fortress, “this can become the space for all creators?”

How To Find Out More

For those interested in creating in 368 Broadway, or simply finding out more about what Neistat has in mind for the space—and its vlog—he’ll be hosting a Twitch stream later today along with “Partner in Crime” Daniel. 

The stream can be found here, and will be going live at 4 pm today, April 6th, until “like 6 or so.”