In the #MeToo era, there’s no telling which of your favorite celebrities will be the next to be outed as a total creep. Luckily for us, famed martial artist Jet Li has been in the news recently for a different reason entirely—because of a fan-uploaded image in which the star was looking a little…let’s say, older than his age.

The photo, pictured below, shows Li appearing unusually decrepit for a man of only fifty-five:

The caption implies that Li’s diagnosed condition of hyperthyroidism is responsible for the marked difference in his physical appearance, and fans were quick to express their concerns.

One commentator wrote,

“Im broken to see him like this.”

Another Twitter user expressed nostalgia for his childhood idol, writing

“Jackie Chan and Jet Li were like Gods to me when I was little. It’s so sad to see Li like this.”

However, the Beijing-born celeb quickly assuaged the public’s concerns when his publicist came out with a statement saying that while Li does in fact suffer from a thyroid condition, it is something he’s been dealing with for years, and is not life-threatening.

In case you needed any more affirmation that Jet Li is healthful and in high spirits, the actor himself provided fans with an update on his current state through his official Facebook account:

“I’m doing great and feeling great!”

Well, there you go.