Remember that scene in The Social Network where Mark’s friend asks whether a girl in his class is single or not? (Movie plot hole: Why the hell is this dude asking a dude who has no friends and no one likes?)

Whether the scene accurately depicts how it happened in real life doesn’t really matter because the fact is, at one time, relationship status was a big part of the the social media platform. But with the likes of Tinder and Bumble now in the picture, that aspect of the Facebook profile has become largely irrelevant.

Well hold your horses people, because Facebook is getting back in the game.

At the annual F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook will be adding a dating feature to the platform’s mobile app. The feature, creatively called Dating, will allow users to create a separate dating profile in which they will then search through potential matches.  These matches will be based on dating preferences, interest, and mutual friends. But don’t worry about your actual friends seeing your desperation posted all over your profile, they are designing it with privacy in mind: you will only be suggested to people who you aren’t friends with.

There is one feature that seems unique amongst the masses of dating apps available at the moment. If you are attending an event (and let Facebook know about it), Dating will allow you to browse through other attendees and send them a message. 

Forget the relationship goals, I want a blanket made of pants.

Zuckerberg jokingly said, “This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships — not just for hookups.” Cheeky bastard.

Is this too little, too late, though?

I mean, the actual profile portion of Facebook hardly seems relevant anymore as is. In my experience, people are only looking at the feed these days. And, apparently, the interface and features suspiciously resemble another app, Hinge, which might not be the best thing for Facebook’s recently tarnished reputation and the user’s movement to #deletefacebook. 

But hey, maybe Mr. Zuckerberg knows what’s up when it comes to dating. We’ll see.



Lovers in a blanket photo by John Schnobrich