So apparently there’s this fifteen-year-old in India, Ishan Agarwal, who hunts through Instagram’s source code for bugs and unrevealed products.

Previously, he’s alerted TechCrunch to three products—focus mode for portraits, QR-scannable Nametags, and video calling—all of which were later unveiled within months of his noticing.

Ishan Agarwal

My main man Mr. Agarwal via Twitter

Now, the precocious teen has alerted TechCrunch of what appears to be another upcoming feature: “Music stickers.” Essentially, these would be searchable pieces of music—based on mood, genre, or popularity—which could then be overlain on a “Story.”

Instagram, for their part, declined to comment.

The move makes sense considering that Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, recently inked deals with three of the world’s largest record labels: Warner, Universal, and Sony.

Image result for warner music group

TechCrunch’s Josh Constine offers an optimistic, if outdated, analogy, saying the service could “make Instagram the new Myspace where you fall in love with new music through you friends [sic].”

While a piece of code doesn’t necessarily mean “Music stickers” will be coming to stores near you, Mr. Agarwal has yet to be proven wrong.