Things are about to change for social media influencers living in the United Arab Emirates. 

On Tuesday, the UAE National Media Council warned all individuals or companies making money through social media that they now have two weeks to comply with their new electronic media regulations.

The rules, announced back in March, require monetized accounts to be registered and licensed by the NMC. Influencers will be required to obtain a trade license as well as a special e-media license, which, according to The National will cost a total of Dh 30,000 (which is around $8,000).

influencers in the UAE now be like:

Failure to abide by the regulations could result in both fines and deletion of social media accounts, as well as any related websites and blogs. On the other end of it, businesses and companies that work with non-licensed influencers will also be fined.

(A permit is also required for the following forms of media: visual and print, advertising and news websites, electronic publishing, and on-demand printing. For those interested, cost of those permits can be found over Arabian Business.)

Dr. Rashid Al Nuaimi, the council’s executive director of media affairs said the following:

“The aim of the regulations is to enhance competitiveness, increase reliability and support the provision of balanced, responsible and impartial media content that respects the privacy of individuals and protects society’s various segments from negative influences.”

Al Nuaimi also said that the accounts of non-monetizing influencers, personal websites, and blogs will not be subject to the regulations.

The NMC hosted a workshop in Abu Dhabi for those who will be affected by the regulations. The Council explained the regulations, provided information on the licensing, as well as emphasized the importance of obtaining the license itself.

The regulations take effect on May 31st.




Cover Photo by Denis Harsch

Photo 1 by Tom Sodoge