How would you feel about getting abducted by aliens?

Josh Andrus, in “The Taken”, a series promoting Ruby Bird Studios, Hasselblad, and Broncolor, recently explored just that question.

Shot on Hasselblads’ latest medium format H6D 100MP and utilizing a trampoline (“NOT a small kids or crossfit kind,” Andrus told one interviewer), the collection looks at five starkly different characters, each responding to their abduction in a unique way. Together, the series examines the range of human emotions that can occur in response to a drastic, unforeseen change of scenery.

With titles explaining their character’s reactions as they leave Earth’s gravity forever, Josh and his team hoped to show their “last thoughts as they were taken from this planet and from their highly cultivated and controlled routine, and approach the unknown.”

Let’s take a look:

The Submissive

Ah, the beauty of youth. This character, with his hipster-cut pants, skater shoes, and “Believe” t-shirt, is ready to go. Just look at the smile on his face as he realizes he’s leaving forever.

This is likely due to the fact that he’s ready for anything; notice the flashlight in his hand—he was looking for trouble. As to the other hand, it appears to be holding a mixer wrapped in newspaper.

He’s definitely hype that he’s been growing his fair a while, too, look at the way it flows as he glances upwards towards his bright future.

The Fearful

This God-fearing woman is perhaps the most even-keeled of all the participants. She’s not exactly hype, nor is she frightened. She appears to be almost lounging.

As her rosary beads rise towards wherever she is going, she remains looking ahead. Her fear of god, it seems, allows her to deal with her fear of the unknown. They’re both, after all, in a way unknown.

The Surprised

The practical-minded, hardhat wearing worker—with his lunch pale and thermos—is confused as f*** as to what is going on. He continues, looking ahead, but unlike the “Fearful,” his arms fly out sideways, seeking to grasp what he can.

The Resistant

The dog! The high-paying job! This woman has a dope life—large sunglasses, leopard-print jacket, well-done dye job on her hair. I don’t blame her for wanting to stay.

The Distracted

Probably the most relatable of the characters, this guy doesn’t even realize he’s getting abducted; he’s got better things to pay attention to. I mean just look at this deal on Kotaku, he seems to be saying.

Meanwhile, the attire here is fantastic, capturing all the bells and whistles of the successful tech yuppie: scooter, minimalist shoes, knit cap, one-strap backpack. Nice work, costume designer.

For more info, and behind-the-scenes images, check out Josh’s Tumblr.