First a cat riding a car. Now a raccoon climbing a skyscraper. Have animals always been so badass or are you we just seeing more of it because of Social Media and the Internet? Or maybe civilization is just infringing on the natural habitats of these creatures and their survival depends on their ability to adapt to this onslaught of humanity, which in doing so, creates animals with greater abilities which thus results in these “super” moments we are seeing as of late.

The coon in question became a viral sensation on Tuesday when it decided to climb the 25 story UBS office building in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The little gal was first spotted on Tuesday morning, just a few stories high, with animal control believing that the animal may have spent the night there. But with the rising sun painting a new day in golden light, the animal sat with a cup of coffee on her knee and thought “There’s no going back now.” An avid fan of Drake’s 2013 hit “Started From the Bottom” she made the decision right then and there that her “here” wouldn’t be the second story, but somewhere high above.

The animal begin her climb and the world was there to watch her ascent to internet stardom.

Almost makes you forget that these animals kind of suck.

From both the street below and the inside the UBS building, phones were pulled out, pictures were taken, footage was recorded. Minnesota Public radio hashtagged #mprraccon. News quickly spread online. The world watched in awe.

Many people asked emergency services for help, but the windows of the building couldn’t be opened and wildlife experts believed that it was best to let the coon get along on it’s own, believing that rescuers might frighten the animal into stepping off the edge. Unlike a cartoon, when an animal falls of a ledge in real life, they don’t float in midair for a moment before reaching a hand down and realizing there is nothing supporting them, they just fall—for that reason there wouldn’t have been time to snag her.

Like this.

Instead, authorities waited on the building with some cat food, a reward for the animal if it were to reach the top. They also had a trap ready, which most likely consisted of the food being placed under a box that had one side held up by a stick. Further reports indicate that there was likely a string tied around that stick which would be pulled by hidden authorities when the coon went for the food.  

By Tuesday evening, the animal had stopped on the ledge 23 stories above the street—its relatively slow progress the result of a few naps taken along the way and a few moments where she decided to scale down a few stories before remembering the Drake song and the promise she had made to herself earlier that morning. By early Wednesday, however, the animal made it to the top.

Having a grand old time fore sure.

The 2 year old raccoon arrived in good shape. The animal was captured and set back into the wild (though the location was undisclosed).

Good work little guy.

Now, back to cute cat videos.

Cover Photo by Gary Bendig

Quality Coon Photos (not the Looney Toons or Twitter) by Evan Frost/Minnesota Public Radio, via Associated Press