Calling all full-time remote designers, artists, photographers, or whatever else you do requiring just a computer and a desk to get to work: if you move to Vermont, the state is prepared to pay your overhead.

What do I mean? Just yesterday, the governor of Vermont signed into a law a bill which promises to cover the costs for a remote worker to relocate to the great northern state known for its sharp cheddar and hippies in heavy wool.

While the individual payment amounts can not go over $5,000/year or $10,000 for the life of the program, the bill hopes to cover the costs of:


-Computer software and hardware

-Broadband access

-Membership in a co-working space


It should be noted, however, that the program is capped at a $125,000/year budget until 2021, at which point it will decrease to $100,000/year until funding runs out. Grants are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s imperative to act quick.

According to some, the plan is meant to supplement a rapidly shrinking tax base. But with views and hiking trails like that—not to mention free wifi—who gives a f***? Just bundle up.


Image Courtesy Cabot Cheese