There’s been a huge proliferation of Anthony Bourdain tributes and eulogies floating around the internet in the somber days since his death, and for good reason. However, one particular image of the chef has stood out, and been shared more than most. The portrait, taken by a veteran celebrity photographer by the name of Miller Mobley, is a high-quality shot taken in black-and-white.

It shows Bourdain glancing solemnly off-camera, arms crossed on the table in front of him. The image is rich in texture as well as emotion. Bourdain’s tattoos are on full display. His expression rides the line between morose and simply contemplative, but it is impossible to tell what was going through his mind at the time.

According to Mobley, the man responsible for the work:

“In terms of mood and feeling, I wanted to get something that felt like it had soul, because that’s what I felt he had. And that’s what I felt he appreciated in life. I wanted to get just a moment. I remember we were taking the portraits and he was looking at me and there was just that pause, where he was tapping his fingers and looked down and that’s the shot that I got. And I love it.”

Mobley has since posted his own tribute in response to Bourdain’s tragic death. He included the famous portrait along with a heartfelt caption detailing what the chef had meant to him personally.

Here it is below:


Feature Image from The Hollywood Reporter