As if we didn’t already have enough options in terms of platforms on which to stream inane reality TV shows, Snapchat has recently announced that it, too, will be launching its first “docuseries” on the familiar yellow-and-white image sharing app.

While Snapchat has featured stories from various media outlets on its Discover feature for years now, the new short-form video series will constitute a slightly different form of entertainment. Snapchat’s first foray into documentary-style episodic content will be entitled Endless Summer. Each episode will be an average of three to five minutes long, and will focus on documenting the surely-fascinating lives of Laguna Beach-based vloggers Summer Mckeen and Dylan Jordan.

If the concept sounds slightly familiar, it may be because Snapchat has partnered up with Bunim-Murray productions, the same team responsible for hit California reality shows The Real World, The Simple Life and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Snapchat’s head of original programming, Sean Mills, is openly enthusiastic about the new venture, saying

“We’re happy to work with people who are incredible storytellers. And rooted in the mobile experience, and really leaders in that perspective.”

Mills also had this to say on the thought process behind the development of new content, elaborating that

“We think about what the native behaviors are today and how they engage with their friends every day on the app… There’s constant communication in how you follow friends’ stories and how you chat with them.”

There’s also a secret ingredient behind the new series that might make it more enticing to many would-be viewers: the addition of augmented reality features that will

[place] a viewer’s face into a background that matches the series and [provide] a portal that lets the viewer “enter” the world by walking up and going through it.

I don’t know how interesting another reality show about the lives of the rich and beautiful in LA sounds, but honestly the AR aspect could be pretty cool.