Just a few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian was meeting with President Donald Trump, attempting to persuade him to grant clemency to an elderly woman who had been imprisoned for decades over a non-violent drug offense. This effort proved successful, and now the megastar is setting her sights on a new goal (albeit one not quite as humanitarian in its pursuits).

Kim has made it known (through Twitter, of course) that she has been lobbying Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, encouraging him to add what would be a useful new feature to the popular social media site—an edit button. Here’s the Tweet in question:

And here’s Jack Dorsey, if you’re curious what he looks like, because I didn’t know:

As the site currently functions, there is no recourse to fixing a badly worded or misspelled Tweet once it has been published…besides deleting the whole thing and starting over, of course. For celebs like Kardashian whose Tweets are read by millions (approximately 60.1 million to be exact), this could become pretty frustrating.

For his part, Dorsey jokingly responded (in reference to Kanye West’s 41st birthday party which he attended),

“Now I see why I was invited!”


Photo courtesy of JD Lasica.