Thanks to social media, we live in a digitally connected, tech-fueled world. And many digital media savvy people are jumping on the opportunities that platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Twitter have created. As of September 2017, Instagram reached 800 million active users worldwide and it’s only getting bigger. With its ever-increasing popularity, people and brands are using the platform for a variety of reasons, from an outlet for creativity and self expression to a digital portfolio of personal work. While everyone has their own purpose for using Instagram, there is one thing that some of the most popular accounts have in common: content flow.

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about content and consistency. However it’s not only about what you post and when you post, but curation and aesthetics play major roles too. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at these 15 Instagram accounts that have perfected their content flow:

1. Aureta, @aureta

L.A.-based entrepreneur, creative and luxury influencer Aureta Thomoralli’s Instagram account is a sight to see. And it’s no wonder she has half a million followers. While her content is a perfect hybrid between personal and user-generated, the striking colors show her out-there personality and give you a glimpse into her lavish lifestyle. Her posts are a combination of art, inspiration and her own personal travel and escapades. With every post just as beautiful as the last, Thomorelli’s A-plus content game makes you want to step into her shoes.

2. Nadia Lee Cohen, @nadialeelee

Filmmaker and vintage fashion extraordinaire Nadia Lee Cohen has an Instagram account you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Cohen isn’t afraid to express herself and that’s clear through her cool, one-of-a-kind content where she exhibits her current work, her life and her inspirations. Her surrealist creative ideas exposed through her Instagram create a feeling of Lynchian dystopia through bold colors, over-the-top outfits and videos that make your skin crawl.

3. Jeanne Damas, @jeannedamas

French influencer, model and fashion designer Jeanne Damas takes you into the shoes of the spectacular life of a typical French girl through her Instagram. From shots of Paris brasseries to her very own French-girl style, her Instagram is a great source of inspiration for any fashion aficionados.

4. Michel Gaubert, @michelgaubert

Michel Gaubert is the creative brains behind runway music for brands like Chanel, Dior, Fendi and more. He’s considered fashion’s go-to sound designer, however on top of his tasteful ear, Gaubert also has a talent for content. Gaubert is constantly posting funny, memorable, fashion-forward photos on his Instagram, oftentimes poking fun at politics and society, and pulling old images from 1960s archives. Gaubert’s Instagram proves he’s not only got an ear for sound but an eye for Instagram too.

5. The Academy New York, @theacademynewyork

While it started as simply a creative outlet, The Academy New York has catapulted itself into the social media world, leveraging the space to evolve into a brand. With a following of over 400K, the account focuses on art and fashion and the culture that these industries have created. With live shots from the fashion week runway, screenshots of famous movie scenes and famous celebrity photos from the past, the account is a curated space of memorable, art-inspired content.

6. Sarah Bahbah, @sarahbahbah

Raw, seductive and even a little bit emotional, photographer Sarah Bahbah’s Instagram account will have your eyes glued to your phone screen. With nearly half a million followers, Bahbah uses Instagram as a storytelling tool and a portfolio to share her photographic works that depict common themes of femininity, love, lust, heartbreak and even… fast food. Her “coming-of-age” art typically has a dark or emotional twist to it, with subtitles telling you what someone is thinking and giving her work a form of clarity and plot. Her work is truly one of a kind, and it’s no wonder she’s worked with major brands and companies like Vogue, Topshop, Moncler, Capitol Records and more.

7. Man Repeller, @manrepeller

Launched by fashionista and blogger Leandra Medine, Man Repeller is one of today’s most popular fashion blogs and Instagrams known for its fearless style and bold, bright and fashion-forward posts. With nearly two million followers, Man Repeller comes with its own feminist twist, not only a focusing on women’s fashion but on empowering women and encouraging them to be their authentic selves. From New York City street style to behind-the-scenes looks of Man Repeller photoshoots to 1970s throwbacks, the account features a wide variety of engaging content.

8. Ted Emmons, @tedemmons

From the looks of it, fashion and lifestyle photographer Ted Emmons’ Instagram account seems like a magazine or brand page with a variety of artistic and unique shots that could seemingly be the works of many photographers. However, it’s impressive to find out that nearly all of his content is solely his work alone. From headshots to city landscapes and street style, his diverse Instagram takes you into one of fashion’s most creative and fearless minds.

9. Donjay, @donjay

Arizona-based photographer, musician and social media expert Donjay has a unique eye for people and landscape, and that’s clear through his Instagram profile. Using lighting and nature as his primary subjects, Donjay’s Instagram account is full of beautiful Arizona scenery and reminds people that you don’t have to jump on a plane to experience the world’s beauty. From epic drone footage to beautiful Southwestern skylines, Donjay’s Instagram is impeccably curated.

10. Digitalf33ls, @digitalf33ls

While it’s basically 100 percent user generated, the Instagram account, @digitalf33ls, has mastered the game of social media aesthetics. Even though most of its content is not original, @digitalf33ls manages to discover and crowdsource beautiful photography and posts, with an all-encompassing approach focusing on a variety of subjects including architecture, fashion, art, graphic design, travel, culture and more. Its diverse content is color coordinated, thoroughly planned out and perfectly placed to create a beautiful look.

11. Liam Martin, @waverider_

Liam Martin brings comedy to Instagram. And if you need a refreshing laugh, just head over to his page @waverider_, where he posts his own low-budget recreations of celebrity glamour shots. From interpretations of Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and other female celebrities, Martin uses props like spaghetti, watermelons, paint cans and balloons to bring his photos to life. With 1.3 million followers, it’s safe to say the hilarious New Zealand teenager has found his calling.

12. Kelly Behun, @kellybehunstudio

Interior designer Kelly Behun uses her Instagram to share what inspires her work. And if you’re a design and architect enthusiast, she’s a must-follow. Chalk full of amazing images of places, buildings and interiors from around the world, she posts both famous and lesser-known works of artists old and new. Her captions are highly descriptive of her pictures, usually sharing the location, the artist, the year something of creation and any other interesting information. From a villa in Marrakech to a look inside Julian Schnabel’s Palazzo Chupi, her photos take you on a trip around the world.

13. Vitaliy Raskalov, @raskalov

From the looks of his Instagram, world traveler and photographer Vitaliy Raskalov has been just about everywhere. From Argentina to Hong Kong and Paris, globetrotting Raskalov uses Instagram to share his journeys with the rest of the world through breathtaking imagery and aerial drone shots. With a grade-A content game, Raskalov’s jet-setting posts are bound to spark some travel envy, however don’t worry, we can all just live vicariously through his Instagram.

14. Coco, @coco_pinkprincess

Probably one of the youngest fashion Instagrammers out there today, there’s much to learn from the social media savvy seven-year-old Coco “Pink Princess.” To her half a million followers, Coco shares her incredibly chic street style and cool demeanor snapping pictures of herself in her fashion-conscious hometown of Harajuku, Tokyo. She’s leveraged Instagram as a tool to share her unique style and as a way to show her appreciation for self-expression through fashion.

15. Jordan Watson, @love.watts

Art consultant, dealer and gallery owner Jordan “Watts” Watson’s Instagram is a sight to see. And what started as a creative escape quickly transformed into a profession. After scouring the internet for some inspiration one day back in 2011, Watson began posting to Instagram photos of artwork from artists, established and emerging. Fast-forward seven years, and his account now has 1.6 million followers and a feed full of art, fashion, photography and more. And unlike many of today’s popular accounts, you’ll never see selfies or vacation shots on his page.


Featured image by Ted Emmons, @tedemmons