If you weren’t aware of the fact that there exists a web page where you can request movies and/or TV shows for Netflix to add to its array of content, then you’re not alone.

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Apparently the page, which allows users to enter up to three suggestions at a time, has been around for a while. However it has gained recent attention on the Internet following an interaction involving two unlikely parties: Netflix Philippines, and comedian Chelsea Peretti.

The buzz started, as does almost everything these days, with a tweet. One disgruntled Netflix user lamented the fact that Peretti’s comedy special, “One of The Greats” was not available for streaming in the Philippines. Netflix Philipines responded in the jokingly sarcastic fashion that has become typical for the company’s social media presence, writing simply

The link directs to the request page, supposedly encouraging the original Tweeter to be proactive and request the program himself.

The Twitter saga continued when Peretti herself decided to weigh in on the matter, poking fun at the fact that she, along with probably most other people in the world, actually had no idea that the request page existed. Here’s the tweet:

The efficacy of the tool is up for debate; how many requests are actually combed through, let alone granted, is not publicly available info. Still, it’s nice to know it’s an option.

In terms of requests, I don’t really know what I want to watch—that’s why I use Netflix to decide for me. But if they don’t bring back It’s Always Sunny soon, I just might have to boycott.