The latest addition to Fuji’s X series lineup targets those photographers who want better image quality and versatility than they can achieve with their smartphone, but don’t feel like lugging around anything to crazy.

“We are excited to introduce the XF10 as a premium, ultra-lightweight compact camera that delivers high quality images and new features in a body small enough to travel with, and possess functionality to instantly transfer images to your phone to share,” said Yuji Igarashi, General Manger of the Electronic Imaging Division & Optical Devices Division at Fujifilm North America Corporation.

Some of the notable features:

Range And Image Quality

The XF10 will feature 24.2 megapixel APS-C sized sensor, allowing the camera to produce sharp, high resolution images in a wide range of settings. The camera will also feature 4K movie and Full HD high speed video.

“Square Mode”

The first camera in the X Series to do so, the XF10 offers “square mode.” This allows users to simply switch to a 1:1 format on the touchscreen. The 1:1 format is, of course, a popular format for posting photos to social media. This, along with the camera’s bluetooth transferring capabilities, will get your non-smartphone photos to Instagram quickly.

The Lens

Staying true to the idea that this camera will be easy to carry around, the camera will feature a fixed lens. The lens is a 18.5mmF2.8 FUJINON lens (which is equivalent to 28mm on 35mm format) that has an optical design which matches the camera’s sensor perfectly, ensuring that the camera’s compact size doesn’t comprise image quality.

Film Simulations and Advance Filters

Along with the camera’s 11 unique film simulations and 19 advance filters, the XF10 will introduced to new advanced features that haven’t been seen in any of Fujifilm’s other cameras. These are “Rich & Fine” and “Monochrome.” “Rich & Fine,” perfect for food and other tabletop photography, will emphasize the subject by providing brighter and more vivid color at the center of the image and slight shadow at the corners. “Monochrome” feature will simulate the monochrome effect as taken by near infrared cameras.

FUJIFILM’s XF10 will be available in Black or Champagne Gold in August 2018 for $499.95.