It’s been a little over a month since Vimeo announced its happy coupling with GIPHY, the one-stop-creation-shop for all things GIF. The partnership allowed anyone to make GIFs from public videos on Vimeo. In return, the created GIF would would contain credit for the original creator, as well as link back to their video. As Vimeo’s blog put it at the time: “audience engagement and promotion are easy as 1-2-GIPHY.”

In addition to another creative tool in artist’s repertoire, Vimeo presented GIFs as a way for video-makers to drive engagement. In a busy world, they wrote, “you have moments—maybe mili-moments—to entertain your audience enough to drive them to your work,” and GIFs are “the perfect medium to do so.”

Now that GIFs have had some time to settle in on the video-sharing site, Vimeo has acquired a bit of a collection: 318 GIFs, to be exact. And what better time than right now to check in on these GIFs and see how they’re doing. With all that dope base material—Vimeo’s video library—hopes are high.

Let’s check out the 25 best:


A milder morning commute.

Look me in the eyes…

Pass the water please, Mr. Invisible….


Smoothie machine or washing your fruits at the laundromat? 

TFW you get the living sh** beaten out of you by a rabid, salsa-thirsty taco…

Get in the refrigerator!!!

Come and give your granny a kiss, kiddo…

Stealing the most laser-protected item EVER…

Egg Sink. 

What happens to other people when I’m not looking/speaking to them…

DO cry over spilled water.

A scientifically accurate representation of string theory.

Getting handsy…

Kinda like what happened with my ex.

Receiving a text from an anonymous number telling you “The Eagle Has Landed”…

The longest bit of equestrianism I have ever watched.

Drinking on the beach: expectation v. reality

Some cars have all the luck…

[Caption here]

Fact: dogs sometimes explode into yellow geometrical designs 

Fiction: that means it’s okay to put them in cute clothing

Friends when their birthdays are routinely forgotten even though you have Facebook….

When it comes to reminding me what high school was really like, this GIF > Ladybird any day.

Aron Ralston approx. 62 hours in….

Not bad, Vimeo community, not bad.

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