We recently posted photos from the iPhone photography competition and, in looking at the images, you see that smartphone photography is here to stay. And though that contest was exclusively for images taken with iPhones, Apple isn’t the only company making strides in the world of smartphone photography.

Huawei is right there with it.

The company’s P20 Pro was the first smartphone to include a triple camera system and is said to be a pretty damn good camera. Apart from awesome image quality, the phone also utilizes artificial intelligence technology to assist in stabilization, composition, and a predictive focus feature, which will keep focus on a subject by predicting their movement.

Well now, the company is taking this a step further, by letting the P20’s A.I. co-judge their new photo competition series: Spark a RenAIssance Photo Challenge.  

Yes, that’s right, the company has launched the world’s first photography contest in which the winners will be determine by artificial intelligence.

Now, it won’t be exclusively judged by the P20, Leica pro photographer Alex Lambrechts will also be reviewing the images, but still, it’s a first of its kind and… interesting, to say the least.

The AI will be analyzing submitted photos for its aesthetic value, determining a “beauty” score on a scale from 0 to 100. The AI was trained using 4,000,000 images taken by professional photographers and picture editors and will be scoring each photo based on parameters like focus, jitter, deflection, color, and composition.

The contest series will consist of 5 photographic challenges, each with a unique theme. The first in the series was “A New Renaissance” which challenged photographers to submit Renaissance art inspired photographs–“think rich colors, deep contrast and shadows” the website says.

Though the competition has closed on the first theme (you can see the top rated entries here) there is still 4 more to go: After Dark challenge, Deep in Detail challenge, Moment in Time challenge, and Wide-Eyed World challenge.

Within each theme, five winners will receive a Huawei P20 Pro. From there, ten overall winners will be chosen across all five themes. They will win a trip to Florence, Italy to attend a Leica photography masterclass. During the sessions, these winners will take photos in Florence. The photos taken will once again be judged by Huawei’s AI and a Leica photographer and one winner will receive a grand tour across Europe. The best photos from the competition will also be sold to raise money for a local charity.


You can find more information at Huawei’s competition page here.